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Realizing Your True Purpose, Identity, and Destiny

“I think that it is rather interesting that you think I am here to clean your house.” Augusta went on to explain to my wife that in her church in Brazil before she accepted the job to work with us…it was prophesied in that church, that she had to go take that job because the people she would go to work for would eventually come to know the LORD and then go on to have their own ministry.” – Actor Stephen Baldwin Testimony

My friends, how many of us identify ourselves by our occupation? Augusta was not a housekeeper, she was an Ambassador and Intercessor for Christ and His kingdom. The Baldwin’s encounter with Jesus started because a Housekeeper said yes to intercession and a humble occupation was the strategy the LORD used to place this woman (a Spiritual Giant in God’s eyes). This woman forever changed a family’s entire trajectory in life. They know Jesus because she prayed and worshiped. Who would be changed in your work if you believed God had you there on a strategic assignment? How would your heart and attitude change if you knew this was more than a paycheck and provision.

The Morravians: two young men from Herrnhut, Germany were called in 1732 to minister to the African slaves on the Caribbean islands of St. Thomas and St. Croix. They were told that they would not be allowed to do such a thing, Dober and Nitschmann sold themselves to a slave owner and boarded a ship bound for the West Indies. As the ship pulled away from the docks,  they called out to their loved ones on shore, “May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!”

Sometimes we lose hope and feel like failures when we’ve not enjoyed all of the success in life we believe we should. This phenomena even has a name, we call it a “mid-life crisis.” It often strikes at the mid point of our years but it can truly disturb and disrupt anyone. Don’t despise small, seemingly unimportant assignments. God may have you there strategically.


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