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Healed from “Suicide Disease”


Healed from “Suicide Disease” with a Touch and a Prayer

Brandice Hudson – 700 Club Producer

“Out of nowhere I just had this lightning bolt of piercing, burning pain.  It was the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt in my life, come into the upper part of my left cheek and just pierce straight through my face,” said Chris Carlson. 

It was 1997, when 25-year-old Chris Carlson started having the attacks. At first they lasted a few seconds but every day they returned, more painful, and more often.  

“Chris would have one of the shocks, the pain in her face.  I could see it instantly.  Her eye would close up, her face would kind of scrunch up,” said Chris’ husband, Dave.

“My face would swell up with the pain and so literally my face would constrict,” said Chris. 

Doctors couldn’t find the cause, and the faintest touch on her face or exposure to light would trigger an episode.  The pain from her sensitivity to light became so debilitating, she had to leave her job as an engineer and isolate herself from friends. 

“Our house was becoming darker and darker and darker.  I mean a light bulb would go out and we wouldn’t replace it.  And so literally it was dark and emotionally it was dark,” she said.

Finally after six years, doctors discovered Chris had a rare, chronic pain condition called TN or Trigeminal Neuralgia.  It affects the trigeminal nerve that carries sensation to the face and brain.  It’s also known as the Suicide Disease.  “Because people just can’t get out of the pain.  And so they will eventually take their own life,” Chris explained. 

“It was very stressful.  It controlled everything about our lives.  Every decision that was made was controlled by the pain,” said Dave. 

For the next nine years, doctors treated Chris with medications, injections, and surgeries but they provided only temporary relief.  Chris and Dave say during this time they prayed for everything – except healing. 

“We prayed to get the right doctor who would know what was going on. We prayed to get the right procedure, but never did we know to just pray to take it away,” Chris said.

So with all her options exhausted, Chris asked God to help her cope with the pain.

“You have to help me.  I can’t do this…. A lot of just looking for strength.  I was understanding I was going to have to live with this.  ‘Well if I have to live with it God, you have to help me to live with it!  I can’t do it all by myself so you’re going to have to step in and help me.’”

In August 2012, Dave encouraged her to attend a healing service hosted by a local pastor, Tim McCarthy. 

suicidediseaseThe guest speaker was Marlene Klepees, a woman healed of Cerebral Palsy.  Pastor Tim introduced her by showing her story that once aired on The 700 Club

Chris said, “Afterwards Pastor Tim said, ‘Marlene will pray for people if you’d like prayer.’  So I look at Dave and I’m like, ‘Okay let’s go. Time to go home.’  He’s like, ‘Are you kidding?  You are going up for prayer.’” 

Reluctantly she went forward.  “I said, ‘Look, I don’t believe in this whole healing business.’ And she looked and she says ‘Okay.’”

Marlene remembers, “I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll believe for you.  That’s not a hard task.’ Then I remember feeling that it was very important to touch the side of her face.”

“Nobody ever touched my face because it would just elicit extreme pain.  So she puts her hand on my face and says just a simple prayer.  She’s getting very bouncy and joyous and she’s like, ‘Oh, I didn’t expect that.  There it is!’  And of course I don’t say ‘Yes, I’m feeling heat in the back of my neck.’  She finishes the prayer and says ‘Okay.’ Then I say, ‘Thank you very much.  Have safe travels home.’”

As the couple headed home a tingling sensation spread throughout the left side of Chris’ face. 

For 25 minutes I had that.  And then I had nothing.  My face just opened up.  My eye opened and I had no pain.  We were both just confused.  Where’s the pain?  It had been 15 years! It was gone.”

17022315_1867722066842236_1488910348571738507_nChris was in awe of what God had done.  “In that moment I was quiet. The pain was gone but there was no reason for me to be healed.  I wasn’t in the Word all the time.  I wasn’t actively asking for healing.  And I was healed, only because He loves me.”

Chris and Dave say the miracle made them reevaluate their priorities.  They quit their jobs and sold their belongings. Today they travel as missionaries and spread the word about God’s healing power. 

“Because He’s absolutely incredible – that I could go from being so sick, to this.  It’s just amazing and we have the most blessed life,” said Chris.


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God’s Revelation of Himself as a Healer

Thermal pool, Taupo, New Zealand.In the book of Exodus chapter fifteen we encounter The revelation of God at Marah. It has only been a short while after their exodus from Egypt. It’s in this simple narrative that God reveals Himself as a healer. 

22Then Moses led the people of Israel away from the Red Sea, and they moved out into the Shur Desert. They traveled in this desert for three days without water. 23When they came to Marah, they finally found water. But the people couldn’t drink it because it was bitter. (That is why the place was called Marah, which means “bitter.”) 24Then the people turned against Moses. “What are we going to drink?” they demanded. 25So Moses cried out to the LORD for help, and the LORD showed him a branch. Moses took the branch and threw it into the water. This made the water good to drink. It was there at Marah that the LORD laid before them the following conditions to test their faithfulness to him: 26″If you will listen carefully to the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in his sight, obeying his commands and laws, then I will not make you suffer the diseases I sent on the Egyptians; for I am the LORD who heals you.” (Exodus 15:22-26)

This is where God showed Himself to both a deliverer and a physical healer.  The revelation at Marah came to give substance and promise to the Israelites experience in coming out of Egypt. If you recall in the ten plagues of Egypt demonstrated God’s power and supremacy over the gods of the Egyptians. Here in the wilderness He was showing His nature, character, strength, and power! They were developing a history in God for themselves. They were moving from only believing the stories of encounter from the generations before—Joseph, Jacob, Isaac, and Abraham to experiencing their own encounters with Yaweh. 

In the Exodus God manifested Himself in Power and at Marah He revealed a facet of His eternal nature to His children. In giving the name of Jehovah “Rapha” Israel realized God was covenanting Himself to them forever. 

The tree is a picture of the cross, theologically known as a “type and shadow.” Many references in the New Testament refer to the cross as a tree. This picture reveals the source of Healing Power—The Atonement of the Lamb of God! It is clearly a type of the Cross of Christ. (See Acts 5:30, Acts 10:39, Galatians 3:13) Another type and shadow in the Old Testament pointing towards Christ and the Cross is found in Numbers 21, the story of the fiery serpents.

The tree being cast into the bitter waters and making the waters sweet (potable) is a picture of the Cross being cast into the bitterness of man’s sinful existence. Moses throws the tree in the waters and the waters were healed. In a moment we see God declaring His eternal name—Jehovah Rapha and shows how His provision is made possible through the precious blood of the Lamb, the atoning death of His Son. 

Beloved, are there bitter waters in your life? The bitterness of poverty? The bitterness of physical weakness? The bitterness of abuse and wounding of the heart? The bitterness of accidents and tragedy? The bitterness of betrayal and abandonment in relationships? There is no bitterness that Jesus can not heal! There is no loss, pain, or suffering that He can’t redeem in your life. He heals broken hearts as easily as He heals broken bodies. 


Immediately after this revelation, God leads them to “Elim, where there were twelve wells of water and seventy palm trees; so they camped there by the waters.” God doesn’t simply long to heal your wounds He longs to lead you to fullness and find yourself at rest in the Oasis of His presence. 

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Does God “Make” People Sick? Does God Still Heal?

jesus_healing_blindDoes God place sickness and disease upon people? Whenever I am asked this question my response is always the same. The author of the book of Hebrews declares Jesus is  the exact representation of His (the Father) nature (Hebrews 1:3). Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing and only spoke what He heard Abba saying. Jesus is perfect revelation of the Father. Did Jesus ever put sickness and disease upon anyone whom He was ministering? What about Peter or the boys when they needed rebuke or correction? Did He say to Peter, “Your a slow student so maybe a little cancer will help you learn?” No Jesus never put sickness or disease upon anyone. He was moved with compassion, in many places it says he healed them ALL.

People ask, “What about Job?”  I tell them, “I’m not a disciple of Job; I’m a disciple of Jesus.” Job was the question; Jesus is the answer. If I read Job and it doesn’t lead me to Jesus, then I never understood the book.

Jesus made it clear the Devil is the one who is out to kill, steal, and destroy. As omnipotent and omniscient the Father is certainly able to outwit the enemy. For example I have an elementary understanding of the game of chess, should I play against a champion, I will have the opportunity to make moves, regardless of my moves the champion will always win. So yes the LORD can use what the enemy means for harm. Yet the subtle belief that God causes sickness or uses it as a preferred training method, robs us of something very powerful; our inheritance and His promises.God is a healer, a restorer, and loving Father. Jesus said, healing was the children’s bread. A loving Father gives what we have need of when we ask!

Pray for the sick, because God still heals! What if I pray and don’t get healed? Let’s talk about that next time.


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Kelsey Hays-Detailed Report of Her Healing

Young Girl Goes to Heavenly Surgery Room; Receives Healing From Crippling Diseases by Teresa Neumann-BCN Exclusive : May 1, 2008 : Lakeland Revival, Hays family

A desperate missionary family, unfamiliar with healing revivals, takes their daughter to Lakeland where she has an encounter with Jesus.

(Lakeland, Florida)-Pastor Stephen Strader of Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida, where a massive revival has broken out, contacted Breaking Christian News about an amazing healing that took place there on Saturday, April 26, in which 14-year-old Kelsey Hays was healed from multiple immune diseases.

Kelsey HaysI telephoned Kelsey’s mother, Lesley, of Kansas City, Missouri, on Tuesday, April 29, to ask her details of what happened. She and Kelsey were still in Lakeland, preparing to fly back to Kansas City where they attend the International House of Prayer (IHOP).

Some background on Kelsey and her family:

At the age of 9, Kelsey was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, an immune related thyroid condition. Later she acquired Hepatitis C, which her mother says she “fought off,” but in the process it left her body weakened and subject to other immunological diseases.

Mr. and Mrs. Hayes and their family have been missionaries in Mexico-and most recently Ecuador-for at least ten years. In September of last year, they had arrived back in the states for a furlough. Shortly thereafter, in October, Kelsey fell victim to a variety of increasingly serious illnesses. She had her gall bladder removed and during the surgery doctors noticed that her liver was scarred and infected. Later, doctors believed inflammation from the infection had entered the lining of her stomach and was attacking her central nervous system. By April, Kelsey’s parents and her baffled doctors were at their wit’s ends. She was in continual, intense, and severely crippling pain, taking up to 30 pills a day to try and manage it.

Then one day someone at the Hays’ church approached them with news of the revival in Lakeland and offered to pay the family’s way there. Though they had never experienced meetings such as the ones they were about to attend, the Hays were desperate. Also, Lesley said Kelsey had shared with them a significant vision she had in March of this year, the Saturday before Easter Sunday. In the vision, Kelsey said she found herself connected to an IV, standing before the Throne of God. Jesus came down and cut the IV tube and then God the Father came down, removed the IV from her hand, took off her hospital gown and said, “It’s done!” (The day after the vision, noted Lesley, was the worst day of pain Kelsey had ever had.)

Saturday, April 26, Lakeland, Florida:

By the time Kelsey and her parents arrived at the venue in Lakeland it was 6:00 in the evening. The lines of people stretching for blocks outside of the church told them that it was filled to capacity and they would not be able to get in. Standing in the crowd, the Hays heard story after story of healings and miracles happening around the world even to those not present in the meetings. Somehow, Lesley and Kelsey were finally able to get in (she thought because they had helped another suffering couple to get in), but Mr. Hays remained outside.

Kelsey was in so much pain and so fatigued she couldn’t walk. Her mother literally dragged, and half carried, her up to the only space available in the balcony where they began to cry and worship the Lord. It’s all they could do, she said. Standing next to them were a man and woman; complete strangers. The woman turned to Kelsey and said, “I believe God wants to give you new organs.” (Kelsey’s gall bladder had been removed.) The man looked at Lesley and said, “I just saw you in a dream recently. I saw myself carrying your daughter down to the stage to get prayer.”

Lakeland Healing RevivalEven though at the time Todd was taking testimonies from people who had been healed, the man offered to help take Kelsey down to get prayer. Lesley, unfamiliar with the type of meeting she was in, was afraid of breaking protocol and hesitated. Moments later, Todd stopped the testimonies and said, “I see someone with an IV pain drip in their left arm. Who is that?” Remembering Kelsey’s vision of standing before the throne with her IV, her mother took up the man’s offer. He carried Kelsey down to the stage. Todd prayed a simple prayer, touched Kelsey’s forehead and she fell out under the power of the Spirit for about 45 minutes, said Lesley.

What was happening to Kelsey during this time?

According to her mother, Kelsey said while she was “out” she was taken to Heaven. She found herself in a celestial surgical room where Jesus stood next to her looking right down at her, directly face-to-face. He said to her, “Keep your eyes on me, Kelsey. It’ll be ok.”

She saw angels all around her; she felt them kneading her stomach, doing deep massage on her entire body, especially her legs and arms which had been so weak. At one point while Kelsey was lying on the floor under the Spirit, her mother said Todd announced publicly: “Look! There’s angels over her.”

When Kelsey finally came to and stood up, Todd asked her how she felt. “I feel nothing,” said Kelsey. “I feel NO PAIN!”

At this writing, it has been four days since Kelsey has experienced God’s extraordinary touch of healing and she is still without pain. She’s feeling just like a 14-year old girl should feel.

Watch this healing revival as it continues from Lakeland, Florida, at the GOD TV link provided.



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Kelsey Hays Testifies of Jesus Her Healer

It is real…14 year Old Kelsey Hays was healed at the Lakeland Revival. Fast forward to 3:38:18 and you will see and hear her testify of what the Lord has done.

It is real…we’ve all been praying for her around here for a long time. She has been hospitalized many times. Jesus healed her. I don’t care what the doubters or critics say. This little girl who loves JESUS is healed. The Dr.’s couldn’t fix here and neither could the doubting Theologians.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from www.ustream.tv posted with vodpod

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‘Healer’ Planetshakers

You heal my Disease. The same God who forgives all my sins heals all my disease. You are my healer. You are all I need. I believe you are my healer, you are my portion…Jesus you are all I need! Some of you won’t take the time to watch this…STOP! You need to worship with this team!

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