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Innovating Education in America


He Just Sued The School System

We all want to see a better education system in America. One of the greatest things about America has been the creative, innovative, entrepreneurial spirit of our people. Are we selling our birth right? It will cost something to change how we educate…in pockets around this nation people are innovating. The challenge is a Centralized Power Structure that resists change because it may result in a loss of power and the status quo. We’ve got to embrace change that brings educational innovation. Years ago the CEO of Taco Bell said, “Innovate or evaporate!” That’s the truth today’s students are shouting out to their parents, educators, and community leaders! We can do this…Make Education In America Great Again!

I love the idea of looking to other successful nations, cultures, and models of education. Let’s do this! What ideas do you have for “Reinventing and Innovating” Schools?


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