Gratitude – Christmas Presents

This is a great video clip about gratitude. It will change your perspective. We all have so much to be grateful for and it is so easy to take it all for granted. Gratitude…pass it on! Pay it forward! Give it away!Th


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Soulpant’s Favorite Christmas Gifts

About Rogue Industries

frontpocketwalletMichael Lyons began designing men’s front pocket wallets when he couldn’t find the right one for himself. Now along with his son Wells, he makes curved wallets to fit easily into curved front pockets.

Michael made the switch to the front pocket to make his back feel better. A trip to the doctor left him with a prescription to stop storing his wallet in his back pocket. It might sound like an odd diagnosis, but it proved true for Michael. And since most of the wallets he found were square or rectangular, they didn’t fit as well as they could—which spurred him to create Rogue Industries.

The Front Pocket Wallets are made in Maine from leather, like cow, bison, or even moose, and can comfortably carry cards and cash. And there’s added RFID protection, too. It’s safer—and can be healthier—to carry your wallet in a front pocket, and these ones are the perfect fit. Buy here



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The Transformation of Lynch, KY



A booming mining town that once set world records, now lays eerily quiet, rusting, and still – the community’s complexion marred by rusting mine equipment, broken windows, and collapsed roofs.


But just went it looked like Lynch’s story was ending, things started to get interesting…

Watch the entire video HERE

Lynch, Kentucky…

A community bathed in mist & shadow on the woody margins of Harlan County.

A town where 10,000 people once gathered from around the world to extract high-quality coal from seams underneath Black Mountain. A mining operation that set world records, and fueled wartime steel production.

But it was not to last.

Another war set in … the war on coal. Decisions made from afar devastated Appalachia, putting thousands of men out of work. As the drills, conveyors, and whistles went silent, community porches and meal tables were emptied

of life. Christmas lights blinked out, and summer parades were no more.

In time, the community’s complexion was marred by rusting mine equipment, broken windows, and collapsed roofs. Drugs and rain seeped in, whole hope for the future seemed to trickle out on the silt-laden waters of Looney Creek.

Only it didn’t. Just when Lynch’s story looked like it was ending, things started to get interesting. Behind the scenes, a handful of desperate prayer warriors would not let go.

It all started with faith, and a little cookie dough.

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The Gift of Perspective – Russel Wilson


Son, potential means you haven’t already done it yet. The moments that really matter are those moments when life tells you “No”. So the question I ask when life told me no: “What am I capable of?” Ask yourself honestly what am I capable of?

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Where Did God Come From?


Dr. Kent Hovind Creationist vs 3 Evolutionists. The debate at Daytona Beach, FL on April 17th, 2004 with Jim Strayer, Luther Reisbig, and Reinhold Schlieter. More Kent Hovind videos

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Did Hugh Heffner Hear The Gospel?


Lee Strobel in a screen capture of a video from BibleGateway

Christian apologist and author Lee Strobel has shared the details about the time he talked about the Gospel with Playboy founder Hugh Hefner when he interviewed the magazine publisher in his famous mansion over a decade ago.
Following the news of Hefner’s death last month, Strobel sparked a bit of intrigue and speculation when he tweeted that he once shared the Gospel with the late Playboy magnate, adding that he “saw the significance of the resurrection, but had never checked the evidence.”
On Thursday, Strobel appeared on “The Billy Hallowell Podcast” and shared more details about his encounter with Hefner.
Strobel, who was hosting a national TV show called “Faith Under Fire” in 2004, recounted that he was able to secure an interview with Hefner at the time because one of his producers had a connection with someone employed by Playboy.
When Strobel came to the Playboy mansion for the interview, Hefner immediately offered a tour of the estate, but the Christian apologist declined.
“He was quite engaging in terms of the conversation. We talked about what he believed and he had a very minimalistic, deistic view of God. He said he has a minimal belief in God,” Strobel recalled.
The apologist noted that it was a theological stance that is “quite convenient” for people like Hefner because it removes any real and viable moral responsibility on behalf of human beings.
“A God like that, of course, does not put any moral demands on anybody. [Hefner] said, ‘The God of Christianity is a little too childlike for me,'” Strobel said, according to The Christian Post.
The apologist noted that Hefner seemed to be surprised when he revealed at one point in the interview that he was a Christian.
When Strobel started talking about Jesus, Hefner revealed that he did not think that Jesus was the “son of God” any more than any other human being is, but he “perked up” when the apologist brought up the subject of the resurrection.
Hefner reportedly said that any evidence for the resurrection would drop “a series of dominos” that would prove a number of theological claims, including the existence of the afterlife. The Playboy magnate told Strobel that he was hoping that it was all true, but noted that the rational part of him is holding him back from believing such sentiment.
“He saw the relevance of the resurrection, he saw the significance of it,” Strobel said, noting that Hefner had never investigated the evidence and never even considered that there could be an actual proof of the event.
It was after the cameras were turned off that Strobel was able to share the Gospel with the Playboy founder. The apologist explained to Hefner how humans are separated from God “by our sin, by wrongdoing” and that Jesus “offers forgiveness as a free gift of his grace.”
Strobel also shared how he himself was once an atheist journalist who sought to disprove Christianity but ended up embracing the faith due to overwhelming evidence. He gave Hefner a copy of his bestselling book, “The Case for Christ,” and expressed hope that he would read it.
Hefner reportedly did not reach out to Strobel for further meetings, but he sent the Christian apologist a Christmas card that year.

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Just Keep Reaching Motivation

“Sometimes you are the last one to see the effects of your obedience to God!” Pastor Steven Furtickmotivationstevenfurtick

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