Love In The Little Things

successfulWhat’s the big deal? It’s just a shopping cart? Maybe it’s the trash you leave on the floor. Perhaps it’s the way you interact with a clerk, server or other person. Is it possible that small things matter more than we realize?

According to Jesus, it does. He said if you can be trusted to handle a little, than you can be trusted with much. He also said when you’ve done it unto the least of these, you’ve done it unto me. The context of that last statement was giving, serving and loving others well. Even a cup of water was rewarded. A terrifying thought, what if you didn’t do good unto the least of these? What if you withhold good from those that deserve it? Might we be judged for that? Well, Jesus is our Bridegroom, Judge, and King so we can let him sort out the rewards and judgments. Yet my heart is compelled to remind us all, do good when it seems no one well notice or recognize you for it. Be kind even when a server has neglected your table and seemed curt with you. Greet that cashier with a smile and an encouraging conversation.

It matters that we learn to love well. Thankfully love is one of the fruits of the Spirit. Holy Spirit the teacher will cultivate our heart and circumstances so that love may abound still more and more! Abide in Him and His fruit and character will be formed in you. 

*Authors note: Obviously, there are exceptions. The mother managing small child(ren) the sick or extremely weak person. These and probably a few others have legitimate reasons, beyond sloth, to fail to return their shopping cart/buggy to the designated areas. We’ve all got grace for those exceptions. The rest of us, we need to do our part.





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