Ford F-150 2016 MVP Edition


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Hello fellow comrades, below you will see an awesome way to donate and help us rebuild while getting a really rad chance to win a super nice 2015 Ford MVP Royals Edition! We can hook you up even if you’re from out of town!Help us rebuild our church! This 2016 Ford F-150 is going to be raffled off Aug 6 at Beaver Daze! Limited edition- KC Royals MVP edition – Is 1 of only 300 made. Tickets are only $100 & only selling 999 of them! Message or comment if you want a ticket!! Please share! 😀 Need not be present to win!!! All proceeds go to rebuilding the church after we recoup the cost of the truck. Email Pastor Eric at

Eric Wiezorek's photo.
Eric Wiezorek's photo.


Yvette and I have known Pastors Eric and Kari Wiezorek for more than a decade. This family are truly Shepherds after His own heart. They aren’t hirelings. They’ve poured into a small farming community because they don’t do anything without giving 150%. Out of the ruins of tragic tornado Mothers day 2014 they’re rebuilding. They’ve designed a beautiful facility that will serve the church and the town of Beaver Crossing, Nebraska well.  
It is almost finished but they need our help crossing the finish line debt free. This truck will make a big difference. Our friends have labored tirelessly in ministry for more than a decade. I am challenging every Pastor, former Interns, and Intercessory Missionary to lift this debt, give a $100 dollars towards a ticket. You will definitely have an inheritance helping the body of Christ in Farm Country USA! Who knows you might even when a truck. I’m planning on a buying a raffle ticket too!

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