The Chastening of the LORD

What Do You Do With A God,

                                         Who Crushes His Favorites?

Pastor Bob Sorge has some great insights into sonship! He isn’t an echo he lives what he is teaching and he speaks with authority. “Have you ever experienced a trial so intense that you were left with seemingly unanswerable questions for God? What did I do wrong? Where are You going with this? Do You even care about my pain? Sometimes the pressure is so great that we feel abandoned and forsaken. But often times it’s in the heat of our trials that God is doing the most transformative work in our lives. This film explores the intricate topic of God’s chastening in our lives, and the incredible hope that it carries.” Bob Sorge  A Bastard has the right mother but the wrong father…Jesus called the scribes Bastards. Here’s how you recognize bastards, there is no chastening in their lives. Yes chastening is painful but consider the alternative, He lives you alone! What do you do with a God who crushes His Favorites?


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