Failure Stings-Experiments Exhilarate

So often in our journey we’ve misinterpreted failure to mean that we are doing something we aren’t “called” to do. Even saying to ourselves “If I was called to this I’d naturally be great at it!”  The Bible is full of lives who are littered with failure, with the exception of Jesus everyones’ life is marked by some sort of weakness, failure or shortcoming. What if our revelation and understanding of the word “failure” was completely wrong? What if we redefined failure? What if we experimented instead?

There’s only one thing you have to do in a laboratory …experiment.  That’s it! That’s the action you have to embrace in the land of learning. Because scientists don’t fail; they experiment. They blow things up. They burn things down. They tinker. They smash. They mix. And when an experiment doesn’t go the right way, they don’t call it a failure. They just say, “Look what we learned. We thought it would go one way and it went the opposite! What can we take away from this that will help with our next experiment?” That’s why James Dyson had 5,126 prototypes before completing his industry-changing vacuum cleaner. It’s why Angry Birds, the wildly popular app, was Rovio’s fifty-second attempt at a game. It’s why WD-40 had thirty-nine other formulas that came before it. Everyone that succeeds learns through experimentation. ” Jon Acuff “Start”

Holy Spirit’s school of Ministry majors in failure. We’ve got to learn to look at the same situation with new lenses. The lenses of faith and learning. He is fully capable of using everything in our lives to move us forward. If we become like the inventor or scientist we won’t lose our zeal and passion when failure and setbacks arise, instead we anticipate these and learning and leaning. Things that have meaning even when we don’t understand why.

I will close with this story about Misty Edwards, a worship leader here at the International House of Prayer. Misty reluctantly was recruited to lead and play in her first prayer set, when she was just eighteen. In fact she only knew three chords and would have never volunteered for opportunity to lead a two hour prayer meeting. When it was over she ran out of the room, certain it was terrible and relieved to be done. Others had to assure her it was better than she imagined and encouraged Misty to keep at it. She was called but if we’d been there most of us would never have imagined the talent, gift and treasure she would posses. Why? Because now one is born with talent you have to practice, train, develop, and grow. So don’t give up! Don’t quit! Don’t despise poor or weak beginnings!

Holy Spirit truly is the best leader and teacher, Jesus sent Him so you and I’d never wonder alone. So the next time failure rears its face, count it all joy and press on!


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