Overcoming Satan

The story slander__mediumof the great deception, in the Garden of Eden gives us so much insight into the tactics of our adversary. Satan starts the conversation off by distorting the truth of what God had said. When He whispers to humans he ALWAYS accuses God. When Satan is speaking before God, he ALWAYS accuses believers!

Intimacy with God and His Word is crucial to our survival as Christians. Not so we can quote great passages of scripture, drop large theological words like bombs, no so we know when the voice whispering to our hearts, is truly the Father’s or that of the temptation-jesus01“Father of lies!” You see Satan is like a nigh club “Impressionists”, you know that kind that can impersonate a celebrity’s voice and exaggerate their mannerisms. He might get the resonance, intonation, pitch and even inflection right, but He will always use the Words for a self-serving purpose. You might be able to copy my voice but if you start saying things my children know I’d never say, they’ll know something is wrong.

How did Jesus combat Satan? Did He invoke the Angels or some special prayer formula? No,  he accurately countered ever challenge, questions and accusation with the truth of Scripture. Why should we imagine doing battle with our enemy any differently than He modeled for us?

Most believers have more faith in the words of Satan than we do in the Words of our Savior. Now to be fair, I know why? We are far more familiar with Lucifer’s words than with the Word of God! We’ve got to learn to recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd. It’ is His promise that His sheep will know and recognize His voice!

If the enemy tells you that God has not treated you well, proclaim instead, “No one has ever treated me more kindly.” Isaiah 54:10 NKJV

  • If the enemy tells you that your difficulties result from God forsaking you, proclaim instead, “A child of God is never forsaken.” Psalm 37:25 NKJV
  • If the enemy tells you that you must do something more to merit forgiveness, proclaim instead, “The blood of Jesus cleanses me from all sin.” 1 John 1:7 NKJV
  • If the enemy tells you that your best days are behind you, proclaim instead, “Eye has yet to see the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9 NKJV
  • If the enemy tells you that you are a spiritual pauper, proclaim instead, “I dine daily at the King’s table ” Revelation 3:20

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