Keys To Hiding His Word In Your Heart

You’re Gonna Get Good At This!

Recently Corey Russell challenged us with a powerful message one of the key points was the value of memorizing scripture. Specifically the Lord was asking Corey to memorize Psalm 91 and other scriptures. It was a provoking message and I shall not attempt to re-preach it here. Feel free to watch the attached Link.However I was challenged with the desire to “hide”more of God’s word in my heart. Bible study, meditation, and memorization should be apart of our regular spiritual diet.

My purpose in sharing on this topic is not to give you a step by step process because there are dozens. I desire to inspire you to pick up the habit of memorizing His Word because unlike Pop Music or our favorite movie lines; His Word will cause us to thrive and come alive spiritually in ways you may never have imagined. It is the bread of life! Jesus knew it and quoted it. He overcame spiritual warfare with Satan himself through His knowledge of Scripture. He responded to others who misunderstood the Word by speaking forth the truth. Finally we live in a day and age where so many of rely upon electronic versions.What if the day comes when the power fails. What if the day comes when the Bible is deemed a bigoted hate book? He tells us to hide His Word in our hearts because it is for our own God. It shapes, molds, and transforms us, to be in character more like Him. To abound in the knowledge of Christ and the fruit of the Spirit. 

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