God’s Will: Arriving On Time

doubledutch“Timing” it’s critical in “Double Dutch” (jump rope), the stock market and probably your morning rush hour commute. We’ve all known the joy of getting it just right and the foolishness of missing it. Timing it’s why some have failed and others have succeeded. It isn’t enough to know God’s calling on your life, now you must discern His timing. Timing is the pivotal point that has tripped up many Christians.  Through out the Bible men and women have risen and fallen because of this enigma.  



Illustration-process03Consider David. As a young teenager he is anointed by the Prophet to become the next King of Israel. What always shocks me in this biography is the response of Dad and the bros, none of them regard the fact that the King of the Nation lives in their household. If that was my son or brother I’d have thought: “Hey, this kid can really bless my life or make it difficult.” Yet none of them consider treating him any differently. Regardless of their response it was approximately 15 years or more that David had to wait to assume the throne as King. Can you imagine the agony of the wait to a teenager and then a young man? 


saulseeksdavidThere’s no room to question His calling. Remember the Prophet said it was so and in those days they got stoned for “missing it.”  Only one problem, Israel still had a King. Saul controlled the army and the power structure. Not long after David rose in popularity for slaying Goliath and his other exploits the sitting King, determined to kill him.  David determined the best course of action was to flee. He refused to harm God’s anointed King. He didn’t even try to rationalize it as self defense. He respected the anointing and calling of God. He trusted the LORD’s leadership to promote him in the fullness of time. 


Place NOWhile this had to be the most difficult course of action, the fruit of it in his life turned to be sweet. Imagine the mess he would have created had he taken his Throne by force. He restrained himself and resigned to wait upon the LORD to exalt him. Oh for the grace to walk that out in our own lives. How many know they have a calling from God and either lag behind or run ahead of the LORD? I’ve see far too many lives dashed upon the rocks because they got out of sync with God’s timing. 

Too often the fear of “missing God” either paralyzes or propels us.  David didn’t put any confidence in his flesh to get the timing right. He put his trust in God’s ability to promote him at the right time. If God tells me to do something and I refuse that’s rebellion, no brainer it is sin. However, if I know my calling and don’t want to mis-step like David, so I wait upon Him to make it clear, that’s an entirely different thing. Guess what? God’s still big enough to help you get back in the game, even if you miss it. He’s God and you’re His child! You’re gonna get good at this!


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