A History of Day and Night Prayer

Our “Resident Prayer Historian,” Jono Hall shares a “brief history” of continual prayer and 24/7 prayer throughout 2,000 plus years of Church history. Every believer must have a personal prayer life, that’s the beginning and continuum of the normal christian life. What’s the history of corporate prayer in the Church? Should every church be a 24/7 “House of Prayer?” 


 GrowingInPrayerMikeBickleA practical, effective strategy for incorporating prayer into everyday life. As the founder of the International House of Prayer, Mike Bickle has devoted his life to understanding and practicing the principles and power of prayer. In Growing in Prayer he combines his biblical study with his extensive experience on the topic to give you the tools you need to develop a stronger prayer life through a passionate commitment to your relationship with God.

Start today! God is waiting to hear from you. He doesn’t just love you, He really likes you and enjoys listening to you when you pray, even in your weaknesses. You can be confident that your prayers are valuable to God and will make a difference in your world.



Why are so many people across the earth embracing the practice of continual prayer? Did the early church really pray 24/7? What is the significance of night-and-day prayer and what is it unto?

Every great move of God in history has begun in prayer. Spanning denominational lines, the establishing of houses of prayer around the globe can be traced back to the labors of the early church fathers. Fueled for centuries, this culture of night-and-day prayer has existed to usher in the return of Christ and magnify His preeminence throughout all of the earth.

God desires worship and prayer upon the earth to mirror how it is in heaven. All things within the sovereign hand of God are moving to one focal point, one end: the supremacy of Christ in all things. The crescendo of the age will be when the Lord is revealed.

In this three-part series, Jono Hall and Stephen Venable explore the foundations of the modern-day prayer and worship movement in the context of its past, present and future necessity as a precursor in the return of Jesus Christ.


unceasingprayerWhy night-and-day prayer? What are the Biblical and historical precedents for night-and-day intercession and worship? How is unceasing prayer relevant to us today?

Billy Humphrey addresses these questions while challenging readers to consider their own calling to prayer. Unceasing: An Introduction to Night & Day Prayer presents night-and-day prayer from biblical, historical, and prophetic perspectives. Those who desire a greater understanding of the prayer movement that is sweeping the earth will find Unceasing to be an invaluable resource.



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