Healing In The Passover Lamb

passover_door_bloodRemember the story of the Passover Lamb. Israel was supposed to kill a lamb, wipe blood on their doorpost and then consume all of the Lamb in a meal. That night when the Angel sees the blood on the doorpost he “passes over” that home preserving their firstborn. The homes of the Egyptians which did not have any blood on their door posts, all experienced the loss of their first born. There is so much to “mine down on” in this story, let’s look at a one significant point. The LORD preached healing to Israel before they ever left Egypt. Read it all here Exodus 12

But he brought his people safely out of Egypt, loaded with silver and gold; there were no sick or feeble people among them. (Ps 105:37, NLT)

The Lord brought deliverance from the Bondage of Egypt and healing to His people. God preached healing to Israel before they ever left Egypt. The Passover Lamb revealed the forgiveness of sins; the blood of the Lamb covered their sin. What an incredible picture of Jesus our Passover Lamb. It also was a type and shadow of healing and health.  They were required to eat the body of the Lamb entirely for physical strength. It is a beautiful picture Jesus broken body bringing the forgiveness of our sins and the healing of our bodies. Jesus is our savior and healing. 

To clearly understand the revelation, one must give full attention to the full meaning of the Passover and experience of physical healing that took place among a people who numbered in excess of 2 million. These were slaves they didn’t have access to the best foods or finest diet, nor did they have access to health care.

But he brought his people safely out of Egypt, loaded with silver and gold; there were no sick or feeble people among them. (Ps 105:37, NLT)

Passover Wine“Feeble” in Psalm 105:37 CF Isaiah 35:3-5 Where the context is to healing of the blind, deaf, lame, and dumb. Strongs Definition: Feeble: Kashal (Kaw-Shal’): To totter or waiver by implication, to falter, stumble, faint, or fall.

If you’ve never had the chance to experience a Passover Seder with Messianic believers you really must. The entire experience shouts of Jesus and will strengthen your faith. Next time you celebrate communion or the The Lord’s Super remember you’re reflecting upon the Passover, be sure to appropriate all of the benefits; forgiveness and healing. 


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