Hunger Produces Growth PT 5

P_GrowthChartsRaising children it is so easy to get caught up in the challenges of just keeping up with the laundry, chauffeuring kids everywhere that we often miss just how fast they are really growing. Suddenly when their pants are a little short and theirs shirts a bit snug we are alerted to a recent growth spurt.  Usually it’s the Grandparents who remind us how much they’ve grown. Perceiving our own spiritual growth can be just as challenging. Growth in the natural and in the spiritual is often subtle and usually most obvious in retrospect. As we glance back in the review mirror we realize our affections have shifted, our heart hungers and thirsts for more of the LORD. Overtime we realize our spiritual appetites have shifted. 

Ninety-nine percent of the Christian walk can be described by this phrase: “Don’t Quit!” Stay the course in our pursuit of more of what’s available to us in God! He promised to feed the hungry, to quench the thirsty, and bring forth fruit from those who abide in the Vine. We simply and repeatedly position our cold, weak hearts in front of the bon-fire of His love as revealed to us in His Word! We engage in simple dialogue with Him throughout our day. Even when we feel or see no fruit from it. It’s similar to developing our physical muscles…one intense work out doesn’t make us muscular and fit, but the culmination of many regular work outs. Day after day, year after year and yes by yes!


When I want to increase my spiritual appetite I place myself in a position that stimulates hunger in me. You know where this is going: Prayer, meditating on the Bible, fasting, worship, and testifying of or remembering all that God has done in my life. I know giving myself to these things will stir appetite as sure as driving by Brobecks BBQ will cause me to salivate.  I cry out: “Abba I want your zeal to rise in my heart. Give me the gift of hunger, stir up a craving that can only be satisfied by more of You! When I put myself in a position to stir hunger, it grows. He always gives it and then ultimately satisfies it. 

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Get Hungry or You’ll Starve by Chris Ferguson CLICK


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