Get Hungry Or You’ll Starve Pt. 4

Jesus Says Dine With Me


God who desires our fellowship gave us an invitation to dine with Him. God and food seem to go together. Abraham, Moses and the elders all encountered God over a meal. It is so interesting that Jesus invitation to one of the seven Churches in the book of Revelation is to dine with Him.

20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me. Revelation 3:20 ESV

Dining or eating together is a picture of intimate fellowship. A place of worship and receiving from Him directly, the Living Bread, wine and water which in one moment satisfy and in another leaves us longing for more, knowing that more is available. A meal in Bible times was not a rushed “fast food” but a committed time consuming event. It was a relational experience. In the natural when you develop an appetite for certain foods we call this a “craving.” As you dine with Him in this manner you will begin to crave it more and more.

The supper table of encounter is the table of His Word. We must give ourselves to encourtering God in His Word. Daily reading it and daily letting it “read me.” This is more than scripture memorization; it is praying the scripture back to God. Talking to Holy Spirit the teacher about the words we are reading. It is studying the scriptures to know Him. The Pharisees studied the Word and yet didn’t recognize Him.

Dinner_ReservationsThe super table of encounter is the table of Worship and Prayer. The place of lingering in His presence. Lavishing Jesus with our adoration, giving Him the praise He alone is worthy of. Worship includes extravagant giving both to God and His sheep. Prayers including intercession, supplication, short and fast “arrow prayers,” and unceasing prayer. Extravagance both in time and devotion.

You’ve got an invitation and reservations, don’t miss it!

Get Hungry or You’ll Starve by Chris Ferguson CLICK

Get Hungry or You’ll Starve by Chris Ferguson CLICK


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