One Definition of Faith


faithisFaith is not the absence of doubt…it is refusing to entertain doubt! I know it is in the room. I can feel it. But I refuse to invite it to the table. I refuse to give it a seat at the table. I refuse to engage it in conversation.

Faith is choosing to sit at the table He has prepared before me…in the presence of  my enemy (doubt)!and focus on Him. His Word. He is not a man that He should lie! I choose to trust, even when I don’t understand. I ask for wisdom and understanding. I ask Him for the grace to take ground and not shrink back.

doubtIf you have saving faith, then you have Mountain Moving faith. Faith is truly like muscles. The body of a couch potato and the body of a weight lifter have the same number of muscles, one has just consistently exercised and developed them while the other has neglected their muscles.

The growing of your faith comes through use, frequent, and persistent use causes Growth. Don’t despise your “faith” simply begin to use it. Placing yourself in situations that require the LORD and His strength, His response, His presence!


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