How Does One Love God?

lovinggod“Jesus was asked which was the greatest commandment, to which he replied: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength…” As a young believer I was always perplexed whenever I heard someone say “I love the LORD!” How do you love someone you can’t see or touch? I was saved and had a theological understanding of God and scripture. Yet, I just couldn’t grasp the thought of loving God. What was the key to “loving God?” Oh how I longed to know. I know how to love a person but how does one love God?

 While I found myself perplexed and asking questions God had already sent the answer. Two thousand years before I even asked. Jesus came to earth as fully God and fully man. He was and is the answer. We get to know and love Him the same way the Disciples did. How do we love people? We talk to them. We spend time with them. We learn the things they love and the things they dislike. We discover their plans, goals, dreams, and gifts. It really is the same with Jesus.

I Love God

We simply need to talk with Him. Not just a 10 minute devotional  followed by an obligatory prayer. Simple conversation through out the day. Tell Him you love Him. Do it now…”Jesus, I love You! I love the way You love me. I love You!” Whisper it softly under your breath. Repeat it over and over through out your day. Get crazy and sing your love to Him.

When a young couple first falls in love they want to know all about the other, the want to spend all of their time together, all of their money and time is invested in each other. Growing in love with God is similar. Now when you read the Bible don’t do it out of “duty.”romantichands Do it with thrill and excitement of young love, read it with an adventurous spirit seeking to discover all the details of your Beloved. What is Jesus passionate about, what are His goals, what moves His heart. Talk to Him while you read the Bible. Linger don’t rush this process. Before love is measured in days, months, or years, it is measured in moments. Enjoy those moments through out the day, cherish those longer times with Him.

God didn’t make it complicated. Love the Lord  with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength…you can do this. Get started now: sing, speak, and  tell God of your love. Linger in His Word, whisper it back soon your heart, thoughts and strength will follow.  You’re gonna get good at this!




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