Urban Farming Guys…Let’s Help Them

Today is by far the biggest and most important day The Urban Farming Guys have ever had.

This Spring we made a ridiculous offer on this building right in the middle of all of our urban farm lots – a block from our base.   And we now own this beauty Debt free for under $30,000 !!!!    This summer we have worked our hearts out to get it ready and we are almost there.    Today is the big Unveiling… we are sending our biggest video ever to the world at 10:00 am.    It is going to rock the planet!    ——> UFG is launching a Huge Inner-city MakerSpace that will change the game for the youth of Lykins neighborhood.    Everything from Urban Agriculture to Robotics and a huge basement full of Aquaponic growing.    Today is the day our Kickstarter-like campaign launches to the world!  It’s going to be exciting!  Stop by the site and see how it is coming.

We have studied the top winning kickstarter campaigns and found that by far the most traffic generated to the site is in the first week from people sharing all at once and tripping all of Facebook and Twitter algorithms.    Don’t share it unless you absolutely LOVE it.  We know you will.

Your jaw is about to drop….    just watch the video and see…






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