Teach Us To Pray…Developing A Culture of Prayer

How do we help people have “wins” in prayer? How do we help people develop prayer that is a dialogue? I don’t think it is much different than language acquisition.  How did you learn to speak your native tongue? You heard others speaking all of your life, you began to make gibberish, and sounds became words.  You observed that words were associated with certain objects or food that you wanted. You begin communication and it was all about you. Wants, desires, and needs drove your initial foray into speech.  As your vocabulary grew and matured monologue turned to deeper more meaningful conversation. Dialogue grew and developed and soon you realized language was the relationship accelerator. Eventually you delved into some form of more formal instruction in language but most of it was caught with only a portion of taught via academia. 

How does this relate to prayer lives of the typical believer? It underscores the value of prayer meetings in the local church. Most of my life as a Christian I have heard a prayer or two on Sunday. We’ve gathered in small groups and prayed for “prayer requests” aka needs. Little opportunity for “Joe Christian” to actually learn and develop a pray life and language that moves beyond petitioning for needs. This is where regular Corporate Prayer Meetingsserve a great purpose. We can learn to pray just like we learn a language: see, hear, and DO!

I love to watch people gain the confidence to go from praying 10-15 second “rapid fire” prayers, to amazing 2 to 3 minute conversations with God. See, hear, watch and DO, really is effective training. Whenever we teach subjects such as Prayer Reading the Scriptures, or Biblical Meditation it is never enough to teach, we have to actually delve into “hands on” and actually do it as a group! It is amazing. Start another Corporate Prayer Meeting today.”Chris Ferguson

How do you help believers “win in prayer?”


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