Change In God’s Hands: Life Investing

Sand-in-HourglassParables are exciting reading, I feel like Indiana Jones trying to discover some hidden treasure. One of my favorites is Jesus’ parable of The Talents. You know the story three servants get 8 talents to invest while the Master is away. First guy receives one, the next two, and the third guy gets 5 to invest. When the Master returns he finds two of the three have doubled his investments. The poor guy who feared losing the Master’s money buried it for safe keeping. The Master was furious and threw him out. I used to feel like the LORD was unjust, not for firing the fearful guy, but because all three guys weren’t given the same amount.

One day while I was meditating upon this story, Holy Spirit whispered, “You aren’t doing the math right! The Kingdom isn’t limited to your addition and multiplication. If the man with the “one talent”, had invested it whole heartedly, as was the expectation, he could have been rewarded with ten or even more. Kingdom mathematics and rewards aren’t dependent upon how much you have, but rather what you do with what you have.”  This simple profound revelation is a real game changer.

We don’t all receive the same gifts, abilities, strengths, or breaks from the LORD. Yet we all get the same 168 hours a week, at least while we are living. What we do with them is what really matters. You may lack education, finances, influence or connections, but you’ve been given a precious resource 168 hours. It isn’t a schedule, a to do list, or a taskmaster. It is a treasure to be guarded, invested, leveraged and risked, for the King and His Kingdom. Don’t be discouraged by what you lack, be encouraged by what you possess. Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as saying “Time is the stuff life is made of!” Whom will you invest yours in? Where will you “spend” it? What will you guard it from?

Now the other exciting thing about this revelation, is that God trusts you to make great use of His wealth! He trusts you to invest your 168 hourshands-small-change in a way that brings Him the most glory. While leaders can share principles and Biblical values to help you make extravagant investments with your time, ultimately the LORD says you get to decide. It’s a great responsibility with the potential for a greater Return on Investment, than any Initial Public Offering or get rich quick investment. My friend Rob Parker, simply asks this question, “Lord, I am change in your hands. How do you want to spend me?” I can’t guarantee that if you pray that prayer today, you’ll get rich in this life, but I am certain rewards beyond your imagination lay in store for you!


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April 3, 2014 · 1:50 pm

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