Following Jesus Up The Mountain

I have been drawn to Christ’s Transfiguration in Matthew 17 and Luke 9. There are so many details and nuances in this story. Was the miracle that Jesus transfiguration_christrevealed His glory or was it that He concealed it all the other times? What a moment this must have been for the three disciples. They had always known Jesus was different. After all they left everything to follow Him. Now they saw Him as He truly was, displaying His glory. The same glory that when it shone off of Moses’ face the people were afraid. The same glory that John could barely describe in Revelation chapters one and four! Glorious light brighter than the sun. Yet the light didn’t scare Peter, James, and John the were fascinated and captivated! This was what they were made for to behold the beauty and glory of God!

The scene progresses a cloud overshadows them, the intensity is increasing. Yet what absolutely terrorizes them is the voice of the Father. They fall facedown in overcome with terror and fear! What does His voice sound like? What if the fear of the LORD is greater than we can imagine? Then in a moment one word from Jesus’ familiar voice brings comfort.

Now consider this, the Holy Spirit dwells on the inside of believers. What glory and power resides on the inside! You were made to fellowship with this beautiful, loving and terrifying and awesome God! Is this a picture of Jesus’ prayer in John 17 that we would know His glory and fellowship with the trinity? I think it was a foretaste.  This event was so marking on the life of Peter he writes about in his second epistle! The disciples didn’t chase after an encounter. The simply followed after Jesus. Time in the secret place with Him, lead to an experience that would forever impact their lives! Go up the mountain to be with Jesus and who knows you might encounter a few faithful witnesses and the glory of God! Regardless, time up the Mountain with Jesus is always fruitful. Get alone with Him today and take words with you!


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