Mike Bickle – Should prophets be disciplined when their prophetic words don’t come to pass?

The video is in our ask Mike series. The comments written below are my own and not necessarily his.

Prophetic Ministry can be messy. Pastoring prophetic people can also be a challenge. Proverbs 14:4 says this,”Where no oxen are, the stall is clean; But much increase comes by the strength of an ox.” Most churches have valued clean stalls rather than the work of Pastoring, discipling, and raising up believers who mature in their gifting. As a result we’ve stifled the gifts of the Spirit. I liken it to new parents who hate changing diapers. One day they make an observation, “When we feed the baby a few hours later we have to change soiled diapers. If we stop feeding the baby we have less mess to clean up!” Of course this is absurd, no loving parent would come to this conclusion. A parent is committed to maturing their baby into a toddler that no longer requires diapers, even if it takes longer a Mom and Dad are committed to maturing the child. Yet it is exactly what many in the body of Christ have done. We have valued clean stalls over the mess of pastoring, shepherding, correcting and discipling the body of Christ in the gifts of the Spirit. The gifts of the Spirit are for the maturing of the Bride. That means we have to go through all of those stages of development such as the terrible twos, the awkward teen years, and beyond to become mature as the Bride of Christ.

Mike gives some great advice here on handling the prophetic when they miss it. Obviously we can point the finger at those who’ve missed the mark and not done as Mike suggests. However what is most productive is to commit to handling prophetic misses correctly in our own sphere of influence. Our church, our family, and our own ministries. God has never abandoned us in our weakness, HE is committed to seeing us mature, we must reflect the same response to our brothers and sisters in the body of Christ.

Can All Believers Really Prophesy?

Chris’ Latest Teaching: Demystifying the Prophetic-Learning to Hear God’s Voice. The gift of Prophesy has been misunderstood, abused, and confused throughout much of church history. It has been both vilifed and glorified. It has also been surrounded by an aura of mystery. People also bring a personal bias to this subject: “Prophetic people are strange!” or “Prophetic people are super spiritual.” “The prophetic is a gift the LORD will probably never use me in.” Simple enough a child can prophesy and you can too!

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