Steps to Biblical Meditation: Read it!

bible_lightRead it – Read the verse several times and note how the construction of the verse may effect what is read.

This is far more than simply reading the text and checking it off of your “Task List”. You are a disciple not a student. What do I mean? In Jesus’ day a Rabbi wanted disciples not students. A student wanted to know what the teacher knows. The want to get the grade and in order to get the grade. That isn’t bad it just a student and not a disciple. That’s what the philosopher wanted…somebody who wanted to know what the philosopher knew. Most believers spend their time at “Jesus’ feet” wanting to know what He knew. This is simply an intellectual exercise. A disciple is someone who wants to BE what the Rabbi IS! Becoming like Jesus is a consuming fire for a disciple. They want to be like the Rabbi more than anything else. Yes they want to know what He knows. Yes, they want to see what He does…not to pass a test but to become like Him.

In fact the Bible says Jesus chose the twelve in Mark 3:14-15 not in order to teach them. Not in order for them to learn or to listen. The Bible says Jesus chose the twelve that they might be with HIM. Why? Because to be with Him meant they had the opportunity to become like HIM.

If becoming like Jesus is not a burning all consuming fire in us…then we are merely students and not disciples of Jesus the Messiah.

A life in God and consequently a life of mediation can not be rushed. This is that slow thoughtful chewing on the word over and over again. It is becoming content to not “finish” the text; but to rest on the text. To encounter the God-Man Jesus in the Word.

I read the scripture and let it read me, not to pass the test but to become like Jesus. Reading it over and over. This may take days, weeks, or even longer. Take a small portion of scripture and “soak in it.” Corey Russell, “Father, I Desire”

Free notes and mp3 of this teaching click on the photos to download. You are gonna get good at this!

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 1.42.07 PMFree Teaching Notes


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