Does God “Make” People Sick? Does God Still Heal?

jesus_healing_blindDoes God place sickness and disease upon people? Whenever I am asked this question my response is always the same. The author of the book of Hebrews declares Jesus is  the exact representation of His (the Father) nature (Hebrews 1:3). Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing and only spoke what He heard Abba saying. Jesus is perfect revelation of the Father. Did Jesus ever put sickness and disease upon anyone whom He was ministering? What about Peter or the boys when they needed rebuke or correction? Did He say to Peter, “Your a slow student so maybe a little cancer will help you learn?” No Jesus never put sickness or disease upon anyone. He was moved with compassion, in many places it says he healed them ALL.

People ask, “What about Job?”  I tell them, “I’m not a disciple of Job; I’m a disciple of Jesus.” Job was the question; Jesus is the answer. If I read Job and it doesn’t lead me to Jesus, then I never understood the book.

Jesus made it clear the Devil is the one who is out to kill, steal, and destroy. As omnipotent and omniscient the Father is certainly able to outwit the enemy. For example I have an elementary understanding of the game of chess, should I play against a champion, I will have the opportunity to make moves, regardless of my moves the champion will always win. So yes the LORD can use what the enemy means for harm. Yet the subtle belief that God causes sickness or uses it as a preferred training method, robs us of something very powerful; our inheritance and His promises.God is a healer, a restorer, and loving Father. Jesus said, healing was the children’s bread. A loving Father gives what we have need of when we ask!

Pray for the sick, because God still heals! What if I pray and don’t get healed? Let’s talk about that next time.



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7 responses to “Does God “Make” People Sick? Does God Still Heal?

  1. If you look in the first chapters of Job the devil is the one who has power to destroy all of jobs family and property yet Job’s friend call it “the fire of God”. I believe the friends were mistaken and it was not God’s fire. So I believe that sickness doesn’t come from God. But I do have one question concerning rev 2:22-23. It seems like Jesus is saying those commit adultery with Jezebel suffer and her children will die. What is your opinion of these verses?

    Thank you.

  2. Shaun,

    This is clearly a judgment passage, it is true that there are times when “God uses the least severe means to bring about the greatest amount of voluntary lovers.” Having said that, this scripture is all to speaking of a corporate judgment to an entire body that is allowing a “cancer” to spread. There are also clearly scriptures that teach that God judges, and there is the time when Aaron & Miriam spoke against Moses that God placed Leprosy…In the cases of God’s judgment repentance will cause a withdrawing of it and it is very clear this is the judgment of the LORD. God doesn’t leave it up to our imaginations to discern when He is judging. It seems to me to be very clear…even here in Revelation He is warning them what is about to happen. “Repent and Relent” is always implied…think Nineveh.

    The main myth I wanted to dispel is that “God is making me sick to train me.” If you believe that then you won’t pray for healing with any confidence. Many people embrace their sickness and disease rather than weep over it (as Jesus did at Lazarus’ tomb) and contend for resurrection-healing power. Jesus didn’t say, “Lay hands on the sick and they will recover, except for when it is my Father’s will because He is trying to teach them. In fact He said he would send the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth. Holy Spirit, His Word, and the body of Christ is how He normally corrects us when we are error or immaturity.

    What do you think?

  3. marz

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    • Austin

      Well, because that’s not statistically significant. The cures used by the medical establishment are tested with a large number of people to make sure that it’s not random chance that recovery occurred at the same time and that the cure in question is not simply a good placebo.

      • Austin

        Of course, it is possible that this herb does work, and that one day it will be used in ordinary medicine. But it’s also possible that it’s an ineffective scam or even counterproductive to healing.

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