David’s School of Ministry

David Spares Saul (1 sam. 24) - 1Have you ever wondered about the delay between the day the prophet Samuel anointed David as king and the actual day he assumed the  throne of Judah and Israel? Why anoint a replacement before the first king is dead? The LORD’s leadership is perfect and honestly there is probably a multiplicity of reasons, but one stands out: “To mature a King!” You see a king can be anointed in a day, but it takes a lifetime to raise up a man after God’s own heart. The LORD’s wisdom knew that those years between the “promise and possession of the promise” would refine, define, and mature David’s heart. None of them were wasted the LORD redeemed every lesson.  It was nearly 15 years before he was King of Judah and another 5 years before he was king of Israel.

A promotion in the Kingdom will always result in new challenges. It isn’t even like God cares about developing your resume’ or ability. It is primarily heart development. Some once said, “New levels, new devils!” What they meant was, with God’s promotion comes His schooling. He wants to train and develop sons and daughters who know, by default, to rely upon Him and Him alone. David wasn’t found in an Ivy League school. In fact anointing him that day put a big “bulls eye target” on his back. His brothers despised him because they were passed by and King Saul wanted to kill him to secure his family on the throne. All of this was training.

Have you ever stepped into a promotion only to discover you missed your old role? It was probably filled with less conflict, stretching, responsibilities and people. Yet you said, “yes” so here you are left wondering what went wrong. I propose that this is entirely the wrong question. Rather ask God to see His hand leading, guiding,  shaping and molding you! You are gonna get good at this! If you don’t quit you win!


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