Resurrecting Radio

radiomicI recently read an article on the demise of Radio and it prompted me to think about a very specific niche radio market- Christian Radio. There are primarily two formats music and preaching. Both are in need of an extreme makeover!

Most Christian’s I know complain about too much “cheesy Christian music”and don’t or won’t listen to their local station. Someone once said, “innovate or evaporate,” this is exactly where radio and more specifically Christian radio is today!

Christian talk it seems is struggling just as much. Is it for discipleship, activism, or evangelism? Except for a rare few exceptions most radio shows in this genre are missing the mark.


Innovators always run the risk of failure but since the status quo is certain to bring the death of an amazing industry, the potential ROI on risk takinginnovation has never been higher! The raging preacher, super star wanna be, or the sickening sweet pastor, and the money grubber. Most Christian talk radio today is exactly what my Grandmother listened to.  It seems they don’t even know their audience or consumers. You’ve got to know who you are trying to reach. what are their habits, patterns, goals, and motivators? Again there are a few exceptions but for the most part it is the same formula. Radio has been amazing, James Dobson was once faced with the decision to go on television or radio, influenced by his father he wisely chose radio. We need the innovators to arise! New ideas for shows and content, as well as new vision for funding!

docPeople thought radio was dead with the advent of Television. Yet radio adapted and was a powerful force in delivering information and shaping our culture. Don’t underestimate the power of owning the drive time. We doubled our church a few years back through radio advertising during our commute. Radio dosen’t have to die, it can rise again! You are one idea away from revolutionizing christian radio evangelism, discipleship and entertainment! Let’s resurrect christian radio for the 21st century with an entirely new vision and model!


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