Leadership Lessons: David’s Mighty Men


Reading in scripture of King David’s might men we see the original “Justice League!” These guys were true super heros!  Surely the captured the imaginations and hearts of the people just as modern day heros. Let’s look at just a few of their great exploits.

  • Abishai killed 300 men with a spear.
  • Adino killed 800 men at one time.
  • Benaiah killed two of Moab’s best warriors, a lion in a pit on a snow day, a 7.5 foot Egyptian with a club and stealing his spear to slay him.
  • Shammah defended a lentil field alone, slaying an entire Philistine Troop.
  •  Eleazar killed so many with a sword that it “stuck” to his hand.

Where did these “superhero” warriors come from? Who raised them up? Let’s go back to the story of David and Goliath. Saul and the Army of Israel where being taunted by the Philistine army and that terrifying giant warrior, Goliath. David was on a mission sent from his father to deliver bread and cheddar. When he arrived he discovered that this vile Philistine was mocking the army and more importantly the LORD! Though he wasn’t trained as a professional he knew that someone had to stand up. I believe that David went on to that field as a lover of God, preparing to defend the honor of God. I am convinced he was willing to die if that is what the LORD required. Goliath taunted King Saul and the army of Israel and none dared to challenge him, except a young unskilled shepherd boy. The boy didn’t rely upon the armor or conventional weaponry. No, he used a sling and five smooth stones. As soon as David had slew the giant the Army of Israel and Judah arose and pursued the Philistines.

In an instance “Saul’s Cowards” became “David’s Mighty Men!” One boy who knew his God intimately and was confident in his identity inspired confidence in these men. Your obedience  & stand of faith releases blessings into the lives of others, conversely our disobedience can cause much pain. You were made to encourage, exhort, and edify others.

There were two kings on the battlefield that day, and one knew his God and won the hearts of the people. The other was full of the fear of man. He spent his bound by fear and jealousy. More on that next time!


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