Flipping the 40-Minute Sermon

Flipping the 40-Minute Sermon

Flipping the 40-Minute Sermon

MAY 242013
Should church teaching evolve in the digital age?
Karen E. Yates, guest writer
Anew trend in academia encourages educators to focus less on lecture and more on active learning within the classroom environment.

“The danger with lucid lectures…is that they create the illusion of teaching for teachers, and the illusion of learning for learners,” explained Eric Mazur, a professor and pioneer for this educational model, in Harvard Magazine. “Sitting passively and taking notes is just not a way of learning. Yet lectures are 99 percent of how we teach!” Read it all here!



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2 responses to “Flipping the 40-Minute Sermon

  1. Val

    Thanks for linking to this — it’s a super interesting conversation to have and to think about.

    I’m not sure I would like to attend a church that does this on a Sunday morning though. I love it as an idea for Sunday School or a Sunday night/mid-week service though. But I think that’s more because I love liturgy: communal reading of the Psalms, chunks of Scripture being read together, enjoying Communion as the corporate body…

    It’s thought-provoking though to consider what would happen if the Sunday morning sermon was flipped.

  2. Val…thanks for sharing your thoughts. So much of how we “do church” is extra biblical. Not necessarily right or wrong just not prescribed in the Bible. I love the idea of discovering new ways to communicate the living truths of God’s word to people in way that will cause them to mature and make other disciples! So I am constantly looking for new ways to “do church.”

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