Remember Jason! He Finished Strong!

Jason Lalonde and Kim Hughes (engaged)Our friend Jason LaLonde suddenly and unexpectedly passed away this past Saturday. Jason did an internship several years ago and joined staff shortly afterwards. He ran alongside of Tom ColeMike Rizzo Jill Torrance, and so many others. He gave strength to our foundations program (inner healing) while seeking his own healing and growth in Christ. Jason always kept saying yes! He was transparent with his struggles and successes in life. 

He encouraged many! He always let you know exactly what he was thinking! He loved to “test the bounds of love!” I remember the time he said, “Chris Ferguson, the LORD is sending me to you to prepare you for all of the Hope City people that will be coming your way! If you can survive me you’ll be able to help many. If he only knew Hope City Interns now come to IHOPU! He was absolutely a loyal friend.

Many of you know that he was in a horrific truck crash last year, the fighter within rose up in this man after God’s own heart, and it was inspiring to see him rise up and fight to rebuild his life. It was a real turning point for him. I watched him cry out to God and lean upon friends like Toby Cooke and his family. His physical recovery was miraculous. Then the LORD brought Kim Hughes into his life. I have never seen him more in love or full of joy. Then when he spoke of Kim! He planned to spend the rest of life building a life with her on the foundation of Christ. 

Jason LaLonde‘s sudden passing is more than tragic. This onething I know, though he didn’t know when he was going to finish. He finished well! I am fully persuaded that he went on to be with the LORD at a high point in life and not a low one. When the question is asked of Jason Lalonde, did you learn to love? The LORD your God and people…the answer will be declared absolutely YES!

Sometimes when we lose someone we care deeply about we are at a loss for words, and often because we fear saying the wrong thing we remain silent! Nothing could be worse to the grieving than total silence. The 99% that comes out right will cover the 1% that didn’t come out as you as you hoped. 

If Jason Lalonde touched your life even in a small way, would you please post on his Facebook wall. Sharing with his family, friends, and loved ones how much Jason meant to you. How he positively impacted your life or how you saw him come alive in Christ Jesus.


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