Contending for your Destiny Pt. 1


by Chris Ferguson

josephs-dream2We all know it started with a dream for Joseph. In his zeal and immaturity he shared the dream with those who chose to not understand and in fact became greatly offended. I suspect in our culture we fail to see the shocking audacity of young Joseph’s claim, that his entire family would bow down to him.

The devil doesn’t attack you because of your past. He goes on the offensive because of your future. If Joseph had succumbed and given up on the dream the destiny of two nations would have been deeply impacted! Satan didn’t care about a teenager, a slave, aconvicted felon, he knew that a dream meant there was a destiny! All hell was unleashed to destroy the dream.

How many opportunities did Joey have to give up on the promise of God? Did he really understand the dream?Over and over again he could have tried to fit his circumstances to fit the dream. Over and over he could have imagined he was now a slave, so maybe, his family would be sold into slavery. When he was in charge of Potiphar’s household he could have imagined his family serving there. Even in prison it was plausible to conclude that since he was promoted here too, that his family might become prisoners.

The God given Dreams for most believers die upon the storms of circumstances, resources, and opportunities. The devil used jealously, false accusation, delays, inferiority to try and derail Joseph. If he had lost heart and hope the slide to compromise would be fast!

Steward your God given dreams because they are gifts from heaven!

” As each one has received a gift, minister it to one another, as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.” 1 Peter 4:10 NASB



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2 responses to “Contending for your Destiny Pt. 1

  1. This blog piece so reminds me of how much I appreciate the work Chris does at IHOPKC for Intro to IHOP. Chris and I had a talk once where he encouraged me using the example of Joseph and fulfilling your personal destiny in Christ. He prays for us, leads and teaches us, and lends a helping hand of support to anyone who needs it, He’s like the Intro to IHOP “train conductor” who helps people obtain their ticket, board the train, keeps them safe on their journey, as they board the train and then take the next step towards fulfilling their personal destiny.

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