Cultivating The Gifts of the Holy Spirit?

Chris’ Latest Teaching: Demystifying the Prophetic-Learning to Hear God’s Voice. Spiritual gifts are free, but their development is costly! Demystifying the Prophetic: Learning to Hear God’s Voice: The Bible says “Earnestly Desire…” The gifts of the Spirit are meant to edify and build up the body of Christ, and yet they have been shrouded in mystery, misuse, abuse, and neglect.We unpack the teachings in scripture that demystify prophecy and the other gifts.

“Guy’s if you haven’t got this, BUY IT! It’s fantastic. Only listened to CD 1 and already I’ve been stepping out speaking into people’s lives. Amazing!!” Dan Mission (England) 

“Chris really explains the prophetic in a way that you can understand. He is very serious but yet makes it so simple. He answers your questions that you may have but are afraid to ask. If you are a skeptic of prophetic ministry, Chris addresses those concerns and gives scriptures to you so you see that the prophetic is biblical.Some points that Chris shared that stuck out to me were:
-The Prophetic is about hearing the Father’s voice an Intimacy with the father and sharing in the overflow. 
-The prophetic never trumps the word of God. You should have verses to take with you.
-True prophetic ministry is looking for the gold in the midst of the dirt.
-The importance of keeping the well deep.” 
Lori Fahrenbruck 

“I’ve had the priviledge of being in these teaching session. I learned principles that have helped me bring prophetic ministry in church settings and also in everyday evangelism. This will make hearing God’s voice simple and approachable. Get it!” – Shaun Frankland

In this two CD Teaching  Series (mp3 is available as an online download only) Chris Gives clear insight into the gifts and cultivating the gift of Prophecy. You are going to get good at this! This is much of the same teaching we share with Interns and Staff here at the International House of Prayer! Includes practical mechanics for prophetic team ministry too! You will recieve the practical “How To’s” to hear God’s voice and bring comfort, exhortation, and edification to others.  We will send this for any size gift. The mp3 is also available. Email We’ll email you a copy of the notes also!


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