Delight, Desire, and Dreams In Your Life


How God Uses Delight, Desire, and Dreams in your life: Carrying on our discussion from last week about discovering God’s will for your life, let us consider David. Think of some of the great exploits of his life and reign. It was said in Acts that he fulfilled all of God’s purposes for his generation. Wow, I want the LORD to say that of my life! David also longed to build a house for the LORD. In 2 Samuel Chapter 7 we read: “

7 After the king was settled in his palace and the Lord had given him rest from all his enemies around him, he said to Nathan the prophet, “Here I am, living in a house of cedar, while the ark of God remains in a tent.”  

As you read the entire story you realize this was a dream or desire of David’s heart. There was no “MANDATE FROM HEAVEN,” simply a heart full of longing and desire to give back to the LORD who was so lavish in mercy, loving kindness, and generosity towards him. Now here is a revolutionary thought, if David had never dreamed of this or attempted to do it, God could have still said of him, “He fulfilled all of God’s purposes for his generation.” My point is this, it was a desire and the scripture is clear the LORD blessed it and approved of it. The Bible endorses once again that “God gives desires.” Remember the key is delighting our self in the LORD. 

David didn’t actually get to build the LORD’s house and for some of us that would be enough of a reason not to move ahead with the project. The church is full of many who want to build something as a legacy. However, the Church needs less builders and more spiritual fathers. Men & women like David who say yes to a dream and are thrilled to set up the next generation to finish it. A father’s greatest joy is setting up his children for success and greater exploits than his own. In fact when my children excel me in a certain area I don’t feel threatened I feel a sense of accomplishment. This was a God-sized dream and because David loved the dream, more than the glory, and the purposes of God were accomplished.

Before you set your goals and resolutions for the year. Go delight yourself in the LORD and let him give you great desires! You are gonna get good at this! I guarantee it! Why? We might be feeble followers, but the LORD is the BEST leader! 


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