Here’s What People Are Saying About Chris & Yvette Ferguson

“It is my pleasure to report on a friend, coworker, and Kingdom man, Chris Ferguson.I have known him since I arrived in Kansas City in April of 2007 Chris is first a missionary here at the House of Prayer – KC.  He is a vital part of this community and touches many lives here in KC while he carries out the responsibilities of the priesthood.  Chris, in my opinion, is primarily a Pastor with the calling of such and is gifted as a teacher.  He is a man of high integrity, respect and loyalty  As a personal friend, Chris has shown himself to be a very giving man who places the well being of his family and friends in high esteem.He is remarkable at simplifying difficult Biblical concepts and relating them to everyday life bringing clarity and accountability to the Word of God.  Our Evangelism department had him come and speak to us and he was able to call us all back to the first commandment. It has been an honor to serve the House of Prayer- KC and the community with Chris!  It is my pleasure to recommend him to you as trustworthy and dependable in your partnership with him.” 

Laurie Ditto, Assistant Director, Evangelism Department International House of Prayer – KC


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