Demystifying The Prophetic: Learning To Hear God’s Voice

Demystifying The Prophetic CD CASEChris Ferguson’s latest teaching is hot off the digital burner! Demystifying the Prophetic: Learning to Hear God’s voice. In this two CD Teaching Series (mp3 available as a download only) Chris gives clear insight into the gifts and cultivating the gift of Prophecy. You are going to get good at this! This is much of the same teaching we share with Interns and Staff here at the house of prayer! Includes practical mechanics for prophetic team ministry too! You will receive the practical “how to’s” to hear God’s voice and comforting, exhorthing and edifying others. Private Message to reserve your copy. Private message to reserve your copy.

 “Guys if you haven’t got this. Buy it!! It’s fantastic. Only listened to CD 1 and already I’ve been stepping out speaking into people’s lives. Amazing!!” -Dan Mission

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One response to “Demystifying The Prophetic: Learning To Hear God’s Voice

  1. Omotosho

    Dear man of God,
    Please send me the DVD on demystifying the prophetic.

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