Here’s What People Are Saying About Chris and Yvette Ferguson

“Chris Ferguson is a man whom I trust who truly walks and models the very things that he teaches. Very rarely do you find a man of such Godly character that is so humble and approachable. He leads not from a distance but comes alongside those he is building up. He leads with the heart of a servant and serves with the heart of a shepherd. His leadership and teaching has had a profound impact not only in my ministry but in all aspects of my life including my marriage and my personal walk with God and has lead me to place of deeper encounter with the Lord. 
Chris simplifies the most difficult of topics and places them within reach of all believers.His teachings not only gave me the knowledge but the confidence to want to walk them out and experience them for myself. Each session with Chris left me insatiably unsatisfied as they burned in me a desire for more and to “taste and see” the very things that I had missed out on all these years as a believer but were in fact part of my inheritance as a child of God. He stirred in me a deep craving that could only be satisfied by the things of God. I can confidently say that my six years of youth ministry would have looked vastly different had I received this training at the beginning of my ministry. Do not go another week without the life changing teaching and impartation from Chris Ferguson, and encounter God like never before.” Mike Kim – Youth pastor, Youth Pastor at Onnuri Church(온누리교회) Seoul, South Korea


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