“My heart matters to God. My heart has always mattered to him…”- John Eldredge

My heart matters to God. My heart has always mattered to him…”

“‘Above all else, guard your heart’ (Prov. 4:23)… It doesn’t say guard your heart because it’s criminal; it says guard yur heart because it is the wellspring of your life, because it is a treasure, because everything else depends on it. How kind of God to give us this warning, like someone’s entrusting to a friend something precious to him, with the words: ‘Be careful with this — it means a lot to me.'”

Above all else? Good grief — we don’t even do it once in a while. We might as well leave our life savings on the seat of the car with the windows rolled down — we’re that careless with our hearts…”

“God intends that we treat our hearts as treasures of the kingdom, ransomed at tremendous cost, as if they really domatter, and matter deeply… We are called to live in a way that we store up reserves in our hearts and then offer from a place of abundance…”

“Has it ever occurred to you that God is such a loving and gentle person because his heart is filled, like a reservoir, with joy? Caring for our own hearts isn’t selfishness; it’s how we begin to love… What will you bring to others if your heart is empty, dried up, pinned down? Love is the point. And you can’t love without your heart, and you can’t love well unless your heart is well… How you handle your own heart is how you will handle theirs.”

“Caring for your heart is also how you protect your relationship with God… [The heart] is where we commune with him. It is where we hear his voice. Most of the folks I know who have never heard God speak to them are the same folks who live far from their hearts.”

— John Eldredge in “Waking the Dead”, pp 207-209, 211, 213


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