The International House of Prayer World Headquarters In Grandview, MO

IHOP Campus Design

In 2007-2008, Grandview succeeded in promoting the City as the future world headquarters for a rapidly-growing faith-based movement–the International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC)–on 125 acres of land adjacent to Highway 71 in North Grandview.
When completed and fully operational, the IHOP-KC facility will be the spiritual and operational home for a vibrant and rapidly growing missionary movement. Church officials estimate the organization will bring at least 5,000 new residents to the City.

Click here to read an article about IHOP-KC published by the Kansas City Star

IHOP-KC Buys Grandview Plaza
IHOP-KC currently operates a number of training programs for students and missionaries. The school currently has over 600 students, predominately in their 20’s and 30’s.
In addition to its student population, IHOP-KC is attracting a growing number of other individuals who are moving to Grandview. Many of those individuals are business and professional people who are bringing new ventures and skills to the City.
The organization has a steady series of conferences and workshops that draw a monthly minimum 1,200 participants to Grandview It also periodically has large conventions, such as a four-day session held in late December, 2008, which attracted 16,000 participants.
The impact of the IHOP-KC movement on Grandview is similar to that of having a new college locate in the community. Its frequent conferences also are similar to what the community would experience with a new conventions and tourism type of industry locating in the City.
IHOP Sign Grandview already is seeing strong evidence that the IHOP-KC project is bringing new long-term residents to the City. Beginning in approximately 2005 and growing constantly since that time, the influx of new residents has had a positive impact on the City’s residential housing market.
There were 404 home sales in Grandview in 2008—the highest number in four years. Discussions with real estate offices and anecdotal evidence indicate that approximately 25% of the sales were the result of IHOP-related individuals moving to Grandview.
Another aspect of the IHOP-KC project will directly impact Grandview’s downtown. Music is an important element in the organization’s worship services, and it maintains a music academy with 180 students at its current location.

Click here to read more about IHOP Music Academy
The organization recently acquired a 9,000 square-feet building on Grandview’s Main Street and is moving the music academy to that location. IHOP-KC estimates that approximately 400 music students soon will be attending the Academy as its activities pick up momentum.
The Music Academy will represent new life and business opportunities for the downtown area. The linked article about the academy outlines the impact that facility will have on the City’s downtown area. Click here for more detailed information about the IHOP-KC development project and its economic implications for Grandview.

Click Here to visit IHOP-KC official website.


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