Storing Food: Yes or No?

Storing Food: Yes or No?

by IANOLITO on NOVEMBER 28, 2011

The decision to store food for you and your family should not be an overwhelming task.

ImageIn this ever changing world, food storage is quickly becoming a natural part of daily living.  Food storage does not require any special skills or training.  It requires commitment, planning, and organization; dedication to building and using stored food for the present and the future.

Many people question whether the decision to start their personal food storage is worth their time and energy.  The answer is YES! One must acknowledge the sense of personal and family security after a year’s supply of food has been carefully selected, labeled, and stored.  Rotating through your food storage provides comfort and knowledge that no matter what the future holds for your community or the world, you and your family will be assured of proper nutrition and a full plate.  Food and water sustains our life.  Having enough of both on hand for present and future consumption assures that you and every member of your family will never be in a position of want or need.

To successfully engage in the goal of storing food you need only take some time and plan the easiest route to obtaining the minimum of one year of food storage.  Whether you opt to bake, can, cook and store, or buy ready-made food, incorporating your vision for the future will aide you in achieving your goal.

Below are some tips for beginning your personal food storage plan:

  1. Fill out an inventory sheet and keep it visible! This is the most important first step. You have to know what you need and will be willing to consume today and tomorrow.  Completing this inventory will prevent you from wasting time and money buying food that will not meet your objective.  Your food storage is an investment and needs to be planned in order to experience success. Compiling an inventory may take a few weeks, but be persistent!  Start by recording everything that you know you will use. You may cook something and think, “Oh wait, I will need ____.” Record that information in your food storage inventory. If you don’t know exactly how much you will need, start with your best estimate.  If you are cooking for three, cook for six and store the extra three servings.
  2. Experience a paradigm shift. I hear all the time that there is not enough money to buy weekly groceries while also developing and maintaining food storage. This occurs because food storage is treated as something separate from family groceries.  Quite frankly, purchasing for now and storing for future should be one in the same. You should be eating from your food supply every day. Food storage and family groceries merge when you realize that every time you walk into a supermarket you are walking into a food storage opportunity. I never walk out of a store without having contributed something to my personal home food storage.
  3. #3 Carefully allocate monies. Like most people these days, you likely have a weekly or monthly budget that you follow.  Re-examine your budget and your priorities.  Make storing food a priority.
  4. Consider dehydrated foods. Dehydrated foods have an average shelve life of 15 years and you can start using the food today! When you consider the average cost of a meal to be $2.00, purchasing dehydrated food makes sense and saves dollars.  I received a free sample of this type of food from

In closing, commit to food storage for peace of mind and personal security.  When you store food you assure that neither you nor your loved ones will ever go hungry.


  1. No need to keep running to the store.
  2. No need to be deal with to price fluctuations.
  3. No need to constantly wonder what you can prepare for a meal.
  4. Freedom to transition to other habits.
  5. When you have good food  on hand you won’t grab the bad stuff when you are in a hurry!
  6. Buy more of the foods your body can appreciate with money saved by not buying junk foods.
  7. By eating and rotating your  food storage supply, it is in fact training you to eat in your new healthier lifestyle!

Would you like:

  • To have a large stock of food so it is always there when you need it?
  • To become less dependent on the grocery stores every week?
  • To have your family on a nutritious diet on a regular basis?
  • To purchase food on sale rather than because you ran out of something?
  • To save time, money, and gas when taking less trips to the grocery store?
  • To be able to sustain yourself with the food you have in your pantry if you run short of money?

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November 28, 2011 · 11:16 am

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