Demystifying the Prophetic

Greetings, we’re Chris and Yvette Ferguson and are currently on full time staff at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. We have been married for over 20 years and have two children, Sasha our teenager and her younger brother Zach. Prior to moving to Kansas City we were Associate Pastors at TurningPoint Community Church in the Greater Seattle area. We came to Kansas City in October 2005 to be immersed in a culture and community of Prayer! As Intercessory Missionaries we spend 24 hours per week in prayer and 24+ hours in service to the Missions Base. Our greatest joy has been seeing our children’s heart come alive in the LORD.

Chris has served 23 “INTRO TO IHOP-KC” Internships as Senior Core Leader. He now serves all Internships asDirector of Pastoral Care. Coaching, mentoring and raising up the next generation of Leaders in each of IHOP’s four Internships: Onething, Fire in the Night, Intro to IHOP, and the Simeon Company. Hundreds go through the Internships each year.

Our Passion is for the local church! We love how the LORD is awakening hearts all over the globe to messages of  prayer, intimacy, intercession, the end-times, and justice to the Body of Christ. Equipping believers to thrive in the place of prayer and intimacy and seeing their hearts come alive is one of our greatest thrills. A quote by A.W. Tozer describes how we want to live our lives!

“God is looking for a people through whom HE can do the impossible! Isn’t it a pity we only plan to do for God the things we can accomplish ourselves.”

We are available to serve your church, ministry, business team, or other group setting. We can do a meeting, a series of meetings or a special conference. Our sessions can be tailored to the needs of your group. Both Chris and Yvette  are available for Sunday morning services, conferences, and church retreats.We would love to have the privilege to bring the messages the LORD has birthed in our hearts:

  • Demystifying the Prophetic: Learning to Hear God’s Voice: The Bible says “Earnestly Desire…” The gifts of the Spirit are meant to edify and build up the body of Christ, and yet they have been shrouded in mystery, misuse, abuse, and neglect.We unpack the teachings in scripture that deymystify prophecy  and the other gifts. Our main emphasis is upon “Prophetic Activation”. We define success in this training as you gaining confidence that you hear God’s voice and can share words with others. The gifts are so simple a child can operate in them.  In our full workshop we highlight much of the same training staff have receive at the Prophecy Rooms in Kansas City
  • Coming to JESUS for Healing:  There is huge gap between what the Bible says about God as a healer and what most of us in the west have experienced. Our first encounter with the House of Prayer was attending a Healing Technicians Workshop. I will never forget that first healing I witnessed! The heart of the Father is not about “Platform Ministries” but is for believers to heal the sick. This workshop is about shortening the gap between what the Bible says about healing and what we experience. Again our heart is to see the Body of Christ equipped to do the works. As we say at IHOP: “Encounter  God, Do His Works, and Change the World.” What we teach: What the Bible teaches on healing. The difference between a miracle and healing. How to contend for your healing! How to operate your own healing rooms.
  • Tools for a Praying Church-  A Every Christian knows we should pray and yet most of us have experienced the exasperation of many “boring or difficult prayer times”. You wouldn’t imagine a carpenter building a home without the proper tools or training, so why does it surprise us that we fall short in our attempts at prayer? Over the years we’ve discovered several tools that strengthen our prayer lives. Making the most of our times and helping prayer become enjoyable. Some of the tools include: Developing Prayer Lists, Biblical Meditation, Prayer Reading the Scriptures, A.R.K, and others. The right tools and skills will revolutionize your quiet time with the LORD! Visit our *website 
* This website is privately owned and is not officially affiliated with the International House of Prayer Kansas City

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