A Young Mother’s Sacrifice, and Her Husband’s Inspiring Faith

A Young Mother’s Sacrifice, and Her Husband’s Inspiring Faith

by Aimee Herd : May 2, 2011 : John Jalsevac – LifeSiteNews.com

"God is to be praised, my Friends. Do not doubt God; do not be angry with Him for me. I am privileged to have had a Wife who was so full of the love of the Father." –Clint Council

John Jalsevac, reporter/writer for LifeSiteNews.com has put together a beautiful and moving exclusive piece on young couple Jessica and Clint Council, and the incredibly difficult sacrifice that was made to preserve the life of their second baby.

Jessica and Clint Council with sonJessica and Clint had just begun their family; they had a little boy and both worked in a South Carolina Christian charity as youth mentors.

Their world drastically changed one fall, when Jessica—who had been perfectly healthy up to that point—was diagnosed with cancer.

She was also pregnant with their second child.

Because of where the cancer was located, surgery was not an option and the doctors recommended that she have an abortion so she could begin chemo and radiation treatments.

However, for the Councils abortion was not an option. Jessica flat-out refused, and when she was told that the treatments would either harm or even kill the baby she carried, she refused them as well.

The couple relied on their trust and faith in God to keep the baby safe, and to help Jessica endure—if healing was not in His plan for them.

Ultimately, Jessica—in what the doctors thought was her 25th week of pregnancy—went to sleep one day and did not wake up. She was pronounced brain dead, and Clint gave permission for the baby to be delivered via C-section since it should’ve been developed enough.

What doctors discovered when little "Jessi" was delivered was that she was in fact only 23 weeks along, and at the very "brink of viability." God had kept Jessica alive until the moment when her baby would be able to live outside the womb.

Clint’s journey of caring for the new baby and their toddler son without Jessica was a very difficult one as he shares candidly in the LifeSiteNews story.

"I’m going to be very open," shared Clint. "For about the first month, I could not—I mean that as in a literal inability—I could not read my Bible, I could not pray. Even though I knew cognitively that the relationship was there, I knew [God] loved me, I accepted all these things from a mental standpoint. I felt nothing, spiritually.
"And it’s not about the feelings, but the delight in God was completely gone for about a month. I was functioning solely on what I knew to be true from a mental standpoint."

The young widower did emerge from that deep valley, however, and even posted the following poignant note on his blog:

"God is to be praised, my Friends. Do not doubt God; do not be angry with Him for me. I am privileged to have had a Wife who was so full of the love of the Father. Rejoice with me, Brothers and Sisters. God has blessed Jessica in taking her to a place of perfect peace and no pain. I must be thankful for the time that I had with her rather than ungrateful for all the things we never got to do together. We must give thanks in all things for this is the will of God in Jesus Christ."

Do yourself a favor today and read this entire inspiring story posted on LifeSiteNews, by following the source link provided.

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