Freda Lindsay, Co-Founder of Christ for the Nations Dies at 95

Freda Lindsay, Co-Founder of Christ for the Nations Dies at 95 By Adrienne S. Gaines
Freda Lindsay

Freda Lindsay, co-founder of c, died at her home late Thursday night. She was 95.

Lindsay and her husband, Gordon, started the charismatic Bible school in 1970 to train Christians to “do exploits for God” around the world.

She was named president after Gordon Lindsay’s death in 1973 and led the two-year school to train more than 32,000 graduates, including Colorado prayer leader Dutch Sheets, Bible Cure author Dr. Don Colbert, the late Nigerian pastor Benson Idahosa, contemporary Christian singers Nicole C. Mullen and Russ Taff, and Kevin Jonas, father of the Jonas Brothers.

The ministry has planted more than 12,000 churches worldwide and established 48 associate Bible schools in 33 nations. The school also has become known for its music ministry, with songwriter Martin Nystrom penning the praise and worship classic “As the Deer” while a student at CFNI.

“I think she’s one of the most prominent Christian leaders in the last 100 years just because of the influence Christ for the Nations has had in missions,” said charismatic historian Eddie L. Hyatt, who is a CFNI graduate and former instructor.

In the 1970s, when the charismatic movement was at its height, Hyatt says CFNI became “the teaching center of the charismatic renewal.”

“[Lindsay’s] husband was a real giant in his own right, but I think most people would agree that the ministry attained far greater success under her leadership than his,” said Charisma publisher Stephen Strang, who featured Lindsay on the magazine’s cover in January 1984 and worked with her as part of the International Charismatic Bible Ministries fellowship founded by Oral Roberts. “She really rose to the occasion.”

Referred to around campus as “Mom Lindsay,” Freda Lindsay is described as a loving woman with a strong work ethic. Son Dennis Lindsay, who became president of CFNI in 1985, said an Israeli general who fought in the Six-Day War once said Lindsay led like a general but had “compassion and humility like an everyday person.”



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