Update From Haiti: Mike Ditto Is Serving www.criout.com

Today’s update is a little longer because it includes a thank you from a local pastor, but its worth the extra reading time!   My name is Pastor Kelly Fleury. I am the Director of the Dezman F. Foundation. The Dezman F. Foundation is a 501 c (3) Non Profit charitable Corporation organized to help poor children and families in Haiti.
I feel humbled beyond measure for all your help and assistance toward our people in Leogane. We didn’t have to look hard to see Jesus in the eyes of your staff. Mr. Mike Ditto and the rest of your staff are great Christians and great Americans. Among everything they did, I appreciate the prayers the most. I am looking forward to having a long term relationship with your organization. Once again thanks a lot for standing for children and for letting your heart be broken with things that break the heart of God.
As Ex-Mother of Calcutta, Teresa, put it and I quote ‘We can’t do great things. Only small things with great love.’ Your people are doing just that for the residents of Leogane. Please keep up the good work. It is a promise that we will be always grateful to you and all you men and women. Many blessings from all of us at the Dezman F. Foundation.

Part of wave four deployed out to the orphanage at Leogane today to start the process of setting up a base camp at that location. We received word that they arrived safely! And Praise God as you can read above their presence is making an impact. This is the same location some of them went to yesterday and helped get the well working again.

The rest of us in wave 4 and 4.5 either stayed on base and blessed the base with breakfast, doing dishes, cleaning, worshiping and intercession or went out to the two hospitals that we have been working with. The relationships we have built with the doctors and patients are continuing to grow and we know of two patients who wanted to pray with us to receive Jesus! Praise God! During the day we’ve had patients requesting prayer and doctors as well and chances to sing with and over patients. We had a couple of the tents of patients that burst out with spontaneous worship even in the midst of their pain. God is good!

There is some who had to stay behind and rest up and recover because they’re not feeling too well right now. So please continue to pray for speedy recoveries and continued health and protection.

We love you all!
Waves 4 and 4.5


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