One Ring To Rule Them All!

Am I the only one who thinks Google is The Matrix? It’s true! Google gives us the most wonderful free stuff–search, e-mail, productivity apps–and all we have to do in return is let it suck our souls.

Yes, Google gets to read my e-mail and many of my work documents. It knows more about me than my blessed wife does. And I’m fine with that, since–so far, anyway–it uses the data benignly, mainly to try to sell me stuff. (Good luck with that.) I am happy to be one of the millions of batteries that power Google. The more it feeds on us, the more it gives us, creating a bountiful world where manna rains from the cloud computers.

The latest miracle from the land of the free is Google Voice, a product that instantly dispatches standard voice mail to the slag heap of obsolescence. Available to selected users since the spring, it’s now open to the rest of us. (You can sign up, my little 9 volt, at I’m told you’ll be on the waitlist for a week or so.) Read It All HERE


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  1. David Eck

    They are faced with some pretty stiff competition. It is a pretty nice Ring.

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