Tent Revival in the Hamptons?

By Adrienne S. Gaines
news photo

A Pentecostal pastor is holding an old-fashioned tent revival in an unlikely location: the affluent Southampton community on Long Island, N.Y.


“We’re going to take it in the Pentecostal and charismatic tradition of tent meetings—laying hands on the sick, [praying for] miracles,” said Frank A. White, pastor of 350-member King’s Chapel Church of God in Christ in Southampton. “We’re believing to make a joyful sound that Jesus saves.”  

The revival, which began Monday night and runs through Sunday, is being held in a 500-seat tent on Sunrise Highway, a main road into the Hamptons. Because school begins after Labor Day in New York, a vacation Bible school is being held each morning, followed by a noontime prayer meeting and an evening revival service.  

White, a former Wall Street executive who now serves as financial secretary for the 6 million-member Church of God in Christ (COGIC), said the outreach is meant to bring hope in uncertain times.  

“With the economic quagmire, with the health crises and all the issues that people are facing on a daily basis, this is a great time to have what will be called a Celebration on Sunrise,” said White, who is also pastor of Zion Cathedral COGIC in Freeport, N.Y.  



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