Help The Loux Family…Today!


written by Derek Loux

Several weeks ago we took Sasha to Children’s Mercy Hospital for his “seating” clinic. Multiple professionals examined Sasha and consulted with one another regarding what type of wheelchair would be best for him. When the session ended they announced their recommendation …. A $25,000 Permobil K450! ( After they rushed me to the sidelines for oxygen and a pep talk I began to recover from the sticker shock. This chair will enable Sasha to lower himself to ground level, exit the chair, combat crawl around, re-enter the chair, raise himself to any height in a range of 5ft, and be completely independent in his movement. A company brought out a demo chair last week for Sasha to test drive, and boy did he love it. It was so amazing to see this little 6 yr old boy who has never been able to decide his own movement, suddenly have independence and mobility. He caught on to the concept of driving quite quickly and it wasn’t long before he was telling us to follow him! Few things have made his eyes as bright as they were that day. As I’ve thought about the cost of this chair, I’m convinced that this is exactly the kind of thing God would do … Take a little boy from a hopeless situation where he would be sedated and tethered and forgotten in some cold institution, rescue him, give him a family, and then give him the hottest set of wheels on the block! Our Papa in heaven is so extravagant …. and He’s not on a budget! We are believing God for the full provision for Sasha’s chair. Our insurance will cover $5,000 of the cost, and Southgate church in St. Louis (one of the best churches on the planet!) took up a $6000 offering for the chair (Thank you Southgate!). This leaves $14,000 to go. I promise you, in the next two months I will be blogging about how the Lord provided for this …. He never fails! Check out the video of Sasha preparing for his “NASCAR” debut and look at how excited he is. If the Lord stirs your heart regarding this, pass it around to people you know who may want to get in on making this precious boy’s dreams come true. Blessings!

Derek & Renee Loux are Forerunner’s in the adoption and prayer movment. Would you consider going to their blog and give directly to them.  HELP THE LOUX family now. Go directly to their website.




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2 responses to “Help The Loux Family…Today!

  1. You all are so kind to support Sasha in this way. Thank you so much for highlighting this need on your blog. Derek is in Korea ministering right now. I know he would want me to thank you on his behalf as well. God bless you and your precious family!

    In Jesus’ most precious love,

    Renee’, Derek and tribe

  2. Renee’

    We are thrilled to do even a small thing such as telling others about your need. We’ve also posted on our facebook page. We’ve got many friends and readers. Would love it if some of our peeps helped push this need over the top!

    Your family inspires many. We have to step up to the plate and chose life all the time, every day. Jehovah Jireh is so able to provide He is simply looking for those who ask and wait long enough to see His goodness! Be blessed! We can’t wait to hear the testimony of His provision!

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