Desert Mirage

Desert Mirage

Almost everything in our culture is briefly satisfying and surface deep. Our technological advances are supposed to make our lives easier. Even with high-speed Internet, fast food, Christian self-help books, and ten-minute oil changes our lives are more complex and full than ever.
It seems almost impossible to hear the voice of God through the din of our daily grind.Our environment seems far from the Biblical landscape. We spend more time in our cars, homes, offices and artificial environments than ever before. There are hardly any physical deserts left to be alone with God. Even the American desert has been paved with shopping malls, casinos and country clubs.
Where is the God of the Bible now? Where is the water?The pursuit of happiness may be an unalienable right, but for all of our freedoms happiness seems evasive. Scratch the surface of our lives and there is brokenness, longing and thirst. We have our own deserts.

Is it possible to drink from the same stream as David? Is it possible to meet the God of living water in our deserts?

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