IHOPNW Free Forerunner Prayer Conference

Forerunner Prayer Conference Audio

Messages and worship are from the Forerunner Prayer Conference (May 15-17, 2009), a special time of teaching, impartation, and dedication for the new House of Prayer facility with IHOP-KC’s Allen Hood worship leader Marcus Meier.

Downloads are free, but please consider making a contribution to assist in building the House of Prayer here in the Northwest.

Teaching Sessions

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Worship Sessions

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Allen Hood is the Director of the Forerunner School of Ministry at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, and is a passionate and brilliant teacher of the Scriptures. Allen will speak each night on the theme of The Prayer Movement at the End of the Age. Allen’s wife Rachel will also accompany him.

Marcus Meier is a long-time worship leader and songwriter at IHOP-Kansas City. He was one of the first interns at IHOP-KC, and has given the last ten years to deep devotion and ministry to the Lord as a chief musician. Marcus will conduct three seminar sessions for musicians and singers, focusing on the internal devotional life of a worshipper, as well as on practical topics of excellence in musicianship.

Additional Resources

IHOP-NW Podcast on iTunesSubscribe to the IHOP-NW Podcast via iTunes. The podcast makes it easy to stay up on the most recent teaching material, including messages and content from Gary Wiens and the IHOP-NW team. Please click here for more free resources…


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