Prepare Now And Save Lives

Our relatives and good friends Roy, Michael and Peggy Williams have spent the past couple of years working and researching on the Bird Flu for the State of Washington and their own video production company. Roy sent this to me April 30th, 2009 and I meant to post it sooner, but it found its way to the bottom of my inbox. They are not alarmist or prone to fanaticism. They’ve done the research and at the end of the day sincerely believe the Government is not sounding the alarm as loud as it should.  But even if they were would you listen? A pandemic is a serious health threat. If the Swine Flu goes away many will dismiss it as a false alarm. A Y2K issue that can easily be dismissed. Please don’t do that…previous pandemics were deadly because people didn’t make drastic lifestyle changes. – Soulpants aka ChriS
My Friends —

A couple years ago talk about an Avian Flu Pandemic was all over the news.   But interest from the news media is very short and recently there hasn’t been a word — until a week ago and now we’re only one number away from the World Health Association declaring a world wide Pandemic.   During the Avian Flu scare we joined with NASA, the CDC, and the WA State Dept of Health to produce a video program on how to be prepared in case a flu pandemic did break out.   The State bought hundreds of copies of our program to pass out free.   Many of our friends laughed at the need to get prepared.   The importance of being prepared was made even clearer this time.  The Swine Flu existence was announced last Friday.   On Saturday, I came down with a bad case of the flu — I could hardly get out of bed.   On Monday I went to see the doctor to make sure it wasn’t the Swine Flu — which we don’t think it was.  But the doctor was down 4 days last week with the same flu.  She got it from one of her patients — and she was wearing a surgical mask.   When I met her I was wearing the right kind of mask — and so was her nurse.  (If you want to have some fun — go see a doctor wearing a face mask — the reaction of other patients was fabulous!)

What kind of mask gives you protection is important and that is why I’m writing this e.mail.   Until this morning, every mask the government was handing out was WRONG — and they provided -0- protection.  

Please go to your local hardware store and buy the 3M N-95 face mask — often called the Carpenter’s mask because woodworkers use them to protect against airborne sawdust.   They are cheap and there is two models.  You should have both.   One is just a plain face mask that covers both your nose and mouth.   The other has an exhaust value which makes breathing easier.   All the air you inhale is protected, but when you breathe out a small valve opens up and makes it easier to exhale.   This is easier to wear –IF, you don’t have the flu.  But, if you have the flu, you must wear the version that filters all the air in or outgoing.  

The surgical mask — worn by doctors in not air tight.   They were created to keep any spray — spittle — coming from the health workers out of any body openings during surgery.   They do NOT protect from getting the flu viruses from the air.  

Of course, the second suggestion is to wash your hands constantly — and throughly. 

During this time STOP shaking hands with others.  This includes church.  

I get daily up-dates from the CDC.   If it gets worse — or changes to a full pandemic — I will put updates on my web site for this subject.  There are things you can do to make sure you have pure water to drink, etc.   The web site has not been updated — but, I will when necessary.   Mostly,  I wanted to get the information on masks out to my friends — because the news media is not doing their job.   By the way, the CDC changed their recommendations to the N-95 mask.   That was quite a move from an organization made up most of doctors — who’ve always worn a surgical mask and thought they were protected.   They weren’t.

Send me any questions —

Roy Williams


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