bookSMALL TOWN, BIG MIRACLE is the heart-warming story of the members of Bennett Chapel who have adopted 72 children from the foster care system in East Texas.
The people of Possum Trot may not be materially wealthy, but they are rich in love and compassion. This eloquent story of how they opened their hearts to more than seventy children touched and blessed me.  Bishop Martin and his wife, Donna, have inspired me.  My fervent hope is that the book will inspire and guide a movement of compassion in America to provide for the least among us. –Tom Atwood, CEO of National Council for Adoption

Our kids didn’t come to us as cute little Gerber babies.  They came to us rough, right off the street, and right into our homes, where they lied to us, cheated us, and stole from us.  They were ” and still can be ” masters of manipulation.  It’s how they learned to survive.  Our kids were abandoned by their mamas, left at home with nothing to eat.  They had to sneak food from the store just to put something in their tummies.  Some of our kids were beaten by drunk daddies. Some were raped.  These are little children I’m talking about. —-Bishop W. C. Martin

You can find this inspiring book on or at major bookstores.


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