Be Encouraged You Are Called To Do The Impossible

jehovah raphaIt is in the DNA of every believer to pursue that which has been called impossible. You by nature have been designed to invade the realm of impossibilities that is who you are. Every story that has lasting impact in your live is when impossibility bends its knee to the name of Jesus. Jesus gave us an amazing Commission and like everything else He told us to do it is impossible. He said, DISCIPLE NATIONS. You see there are phrases in the Bible that are supposed to bother you! They are not supposed to just fit in neatly. They are supposed to reach up, grab us, and shake us around a bit. Disciple nations–impossible! But to make it possible He took the one called the Desire of the Nations and made Him to live in you; that you would become the very thing the nations cry our for!

How to stay encouraged: I focus upon what God has done and what God is doing. What He hasn’t done, I take to the prayer closet. Looking at what God hasn’t done creates room for offense. By keeping a list of all the things He hasn’t done…I create room for offense. What do you think John the Baptist’s issue was in Matthew 11 – “Go find out if He really is the Messiah.” Go ask if He is really the Christ. Well, John already had the encounter and revelation that Jesus was the Messiah. What is going on here? John’s disciples come and ask, Jesus replies: “Go tell John the blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear, the poor have the Gospel preached to them.” Then Jesus follows up with this statement: “Blessed are those that are not offended in me.”How does that fit in here? John was offended because he had prophesied the coming of the Messiah who would set captives free and where was John? Prison. When your attention is on what God hasn’t done you cultivate a spirit of offense. When you celebrate what God has done you become equipped to move in the momentum of the Spirit to be the solution for those things He has not yet done.




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